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Vegan For Weight Loss

This article is about vegan for weight loss.

if you’re choosing to live a vegan lifestyle and you may be wondering how you can still incorporate a weight-loss program. 

Just like with any diet plan you want to be incorporating a good exercise program as well,  but a vegan lifestyle could be very difficult because it’s very restrictive meaning no animal, no animal products whatsoever.

But don’t worry, we have got your covered. Here we are going to share with you all the possible ways for weight loss as a vegan. Whether you searching for vegan diet plan for weight loss fast or skinny vegan diet weight loss or a vegan weight loss meal plan with under 1200 calories.

Lets understand the basic firsts: it’s very important to make sure you’re getting your protein amounts and a lot of vitamins and minerals that are not in some of the plant products.

A great variety is really key here and you may want to look into a supplement a multivitamin just daily supplement should be sufficient.

Also, keep in mind calories come from three things: fat, protein and carbohydrates all of those things can be found in vegetable products. Great sources of protein are your legumes and beans obviously your whole grains are going to have a little bit as well.

Be considerate, just because you’re eating vegetables you still need to be aware of those fat sources especially your nuts. Because, Nuts are a high-calorie high-fat product even though they’re healthy for us as far as they’re not increasing our risk for heart disease. That can still be some added calories so moderate the amount of those things.

vegan for weight loss

Be sure you’ve had lots of great things about olive oil and canola oil but be aware it’s still a fat and too much fat can mean too many calories.

Key here is, again calories overall is what you’re looking at for any weight loss program less calories in and more calories out. Therefore, this will be our key for fast vegan weight loss program.


A lot of people start eating vegan specifically because they want to lose weight.

The easy super easy answer to that is you eat a nutrient-dense diet meaning you almost entirely avoid processed foods, like highly processed foods cola, energy drinks, sweet yogurt, Oreos and things like that.

First we will share with you simple weight loss idea or you can say its vegan or non-vegan weight loss, applying this method regularly for 2 week, It will give you upto 10-15% weight loss. You can also say it is vegan diet plan for weight loss fast.

However, there are some other things that you can do from today to kick-start your weight loss. With simple vegan non vegan weight loss tip below.

if you do have any weight to lose and even if you don’t all, these tips that we are going to share with you today, they are great just if you want to be healthier and happier in your life.


So, the number 1 and the most favorite of all is to drink more water. Yes that is right, you to drink more water. We know a lot of people don’t like just drinking plain water. But, don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Add some sort of citrus so lemon juice or lime juice. and another thing that you can add to super boost that water is a little bit of apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar helps your digestion and when you have healthy happy digestion it’s a lot easier to maintain a healthy weight

When we feel we’re hungry or actually thirsty so make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the day not just in the morning or not just in the evening, but throughout the day.

we even recommend having a glass of water before you have a meal not right before, just give yourself like 30 minutes before you have that meal because you can help to hydrate yourself and then you can actually feel your hunger.


Skip oil, added oil is added empty calories so we know most of us love with oil. we do a lot of the times roast with oil add oil to salad dressings and all sorts of other cooking right.

vegan weight loss

French fries fry in hot bubbling oil in a frying pan

But, if you skip the oil you can cut out so many calories.

Do you know? a tablespoon of oil has 120 Calories, whether it’s coconut oil or grapeseed oil or avocado oil it doesn’t matter.

But don’t take that to mean that fat isn’t good for you, fat is good it’s just that you want the healthy source of fats.

So, what we recommend a vegetable oil, you can still cook your vegetables down to be nice and tender and perfect. You can even boil in water or in vegetable oil.

if you’re making a salad dressing skip the oil by using avocado or tahini. The healthy forms of fat are things like tahini and avocado. Because, they’re wholesome foods.

Oil is just extracted from the rest of the plant, leaving most of the nutrients behind and like we said at the beginning, when you want to lose weight, when you want to be healthy, when you want to maintain your healthiest happiest week you need to focus on eating nutrient dense.


Foods oil is not really one of them food is obviously super important, but don’t forget to be more active as well, and whatever way you can try to add more activity into your life.

vegan weight loss

Do a simple trick, when you are talking on the cell phone go for long walks, it’s easy otherwise we just be sitting down in the house and talking, But why not walk and why not get some fresh air while you’re doing something else.

Walking is underrated you can actually burn a lot of calories and it’s just a great easy way to be more active.

Standing while you’re working or you’re on the computer is also a great thing that you can do to not really be more active, but it really makes a difference for your body the amount of calories that you burn and just your overall health.

The Habit that you will not change

A lot of people are not going to be happy about this one, but you got to avoid alcohol or at least cut down your consumption of alcohol as much as possible. So, some hacks that you can do to easily not drink as much or not drink at all grab a kombucha instead.

Even though it’s non-alcoholic it still has that like that essence of drinking a cocktail drinking a glass of wine, drinking beer is really helpful at getting rid of desire to drink alcohol.

weight loss for vegan

But, if you like to have a glass of wine or a cocktail at night when you come home, because you need to unwind and relax while we still recommend having kombucha instead, but we also recommend doing other things to help you relax doing things like diffusing essential oils.

Essential oils like lavender and cloves and cinnamon and sweet orange oil can be super relaxing and you can do that while you have your kombucha and watch a movie or read a good book or whatever else.

The thing about alcohol is that it’s empty calories you’re not getting much out of it, it’s not giving you more nutrients in your diets so try other things to relax and that will help you in your overall quest for help and weight loss fast.


The Goal here is to add more fiber into your diet plan, We have a few different hacks for adding more fiber into your diet. It, is specifically super important if you want to lose weight. if you want to be healthy, happy and feel good.

You should add : unsweetened soya, rice, oat, tahini. Pulses, dried fruit: prunes,figs and beans.

Because, it helps to keep you regular and it helps to feed the healthy bacteria in you which prevents floating, keeps you regular, keeps you healthy and away from colds and cancer and all sorts of things.

To add more fiber into your diet is by adding sweet potatoes to like everything, from waffles to pancakes to chili to salads to the bowls anything sweet potatoes are super fiber rich, but all vegetables are high in fiber. So, whichever ones you like make sure you’re working them into your diet as often as possible.

Also try to mix up the types of fiber that you eat different types of beans, if your type of grains have a variety in your diet.


Incorporate this for your lunch and dinner,  it is 30 day vegan diet for weight loss only. but lets be realistic and make it between 28 to 36 days. All you have to do is  have a salad before you eat your main meal that’s one of the classic hacks for eating more vegetables eating more fiber and also losing weight.

vegan to loss weight

So, a little salad whether it’s made from cabbage or kale or whatever even fruit salad will help you to add more fiber into your diet and remember and don’t be afraid to eat when you are hungry lunchtime don’t deprive yourself of food or skip meals.

Pro Tip. instead of switching all of sudden to vegan, replace your lunch food with salad, and do it for a week you will get you used it.

Because, it’s super important to eat and if you’re eating a nutrient-dense diet avoiding most processed foods then you’re not going to have to count calories or were about, oh I’m eating too much because the food that you’re eating is so high-quality that your body is going to be able to use it up.

And you’re still going to be able to lose weight if you have weight, to lose now if you don’t have any weight to lose then that’s a perfect way to help maintain your health and your healthy weight.

The fastest Vegan weight loss program can be or any sort of weight-loss goal should be less calories in and more calories out or more calories exerted.

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