Here we will share with you 5 signs of jealousy and their 5 reason behind. so read it till the end.

Become Undeniably Awesome

The problem with being undeniably awesome is that other people notice your undeniable awesomeness when this happens jealousy arises.

 if we’re being honest we all suffer from jealousy from time to time it’s real it’s an emotion and it’s actually pretty natural.

There is problem that if there are people in your life that you don’t know are jealous.

Good news is that if you pay attention, you can identify the people that are actually jealous of you.

signs of jealousy

Here are some of the sings of Jealousy:

1st. They downplay your success,

There is somebody in your life somebody that you know that whenever something good happens they’re like ah you just got luckier oh it’s not that great or they try to make you feel like bad about your accomplishment.

They downplay your success, there is somebody in your life somebody that you know that whenever something good happens they’re like ah you just got luckier oh it’s not that great or they try to make you feel like bad about your accomplishment.

2nd. They celebrate your failures

If somebody is truly your friend and truly on your side they don’t want to see anything bad happen to you they’re there to be your cheerleader they are there to help you through hard times.

3rd. Sign of jealousy

They copy you, to copy you now truthfully you should be flattered, because they think you’re awesome they think you’re doing something right but it comes across as super freaking annoying and unoriginal.

4th. Sign that somebody’s jealous of you

They are passive aggressive. Passive aggression is something that sucks so bad because if somebody is just like me, or hates you because they’re jealous of you like you know it. Such as,  false praise they give you compliments your face is like oh my god Ryan great job you’re incredible and then the minute you turn your back they are talking bad crap about you.

signs of jealousy

5th sign

Somebody is secretly jealous of you and they just don’t like you. They don’t even know you, but that have hate sitting inside and have felling like : it’s don’t like that guy I don’t know there’s just something about him I just don’t like yeah exactly they’re jealous of you.

Reason of Jealously could be, it might be the way that you look it might be the way that you smell it might be your spicy senorita or your car who knows.


The fact is there are going to be some people in this world that are jealous of you just for being awesome.


You’re more successful you’re more successful socially maybe you’ve got more friends you’re more successful professionally you make more money relationship wise you might have more senorita chasing your ass but soon they view you as lucky they don’t see your success as hardwork discipline like they don’t see the years of you busting your ass and working super hard they just see what you have now and they’re pissed because they want it


They view you as being better looking than they are but how can you blame them like your style on point your body solid your hair is flowing and your amazing looks.

signs of jealousy
Disloyal man walking with his girlfriend and looking amazed at another seductive girl


They are insecure your awesomeness makes them feel more insecure about themselves and this insecurity a lot of times will manifest in jealousy a lot of times it has to do with the next reason of jealousy.


People a lot of times are jealous they’re not happy about something in their life maybe it’s their career maybe it’s who they’re married to maybe it’s their body. They see you and they see you as being awesome and having stuff together in the areas that they feel insecure about.

A lot of times this manifests as jealousy and then they might not like you they might talk bad about you they might try and stab you in the back not your fault you can’t change it it’s just you being you.

Last reason

Confidence: if you are confident in who you are this doesn’t mean you don’t have insecurities this doesn’t mean that you don’t get jealous from time to time. But, if you are generally a confident individual this is something that’s incredibly rare and when other people see you just being confident and kicking ass it makes them feel worse about themselves.

And as a result, they get jealous can you blame them though but should you watch their ass because they might potentially try to hurt you the answer is yes.