Mens Curly Hair Styles

Hi, I am Sam oven, here I will discuss with you 13 different mens curly hair styles and their care and routine. So, Please go through all the information below and see which one suits you.

curly hair styles routine

Curly hair has completely different routine, Why ?

Because, the key for curly hair is when you get out of the shower and you towel dry it, do not shake the towel on your head. What we recommend is that you take an old t-shirt. Just placing it on your head, make sure that you are not shaking it like crazy, and you’re just absorbing some of the water. And then you’re going to apply product. Moisturizing your curls is important. So if you’re going to have them be a little longer, make sure you’re using product that uses moisture as well.

rough look
microscope look of curly hair

You’ve to think of hair as the hair shaft, as long it almost, on a microscopic level, it looks like shingles on a roof. So when you have shingles on a roof, curly hair the reason why it can look frizzy is because the shingles naturally are up a little bit.

Curly Hair. Moisturize Them 🙂

If you moisturize them, then they smooth out. So to moisturize them is key, because that will help it from getting frizzy. And if you’re going to have length on top, you definitely need to be moisturizing your hair using a product that moisturizes your hair.

styling curly hair mens

So the product can be, a curl enhancing gel or gel-hybrid. So it’s not too hard. You can mix gel with a conditioner, and so it has a little bit, it’s not super hard and it can have some, it can be malleable throughout the day. And when you’re styling it, avoid touching it.

Most important things to note about styling mens curly hair

  1. Don’t wash with shampoo more than twice in a week
  2. If you have cracky thick ruff dry hair: Apply egg on your hair and wash after 30 minutes. Or do oil message with coconut oil every night before you go to wash your hair with shampoo.

Most people with curly hair do a lot of shampoo as a result their hair and scalp reminds dry and ruff.

1. Curly hair style: Messy Fade

we picked this as number 1 for mens curly hair styles, because this is among the most common hair type, for this type of hairstyle. I would only really use a sea salt spray to be honest before blow-drying of course and maybe just a little clay afterwards not too much though because you want to find that perfect balance between it being loose yet controlled.

styling curly hair mens

2. Wavy Medium Cut

Now here’s a very nice natural-looking cut right here very fit for the modern-day gentleman. In my opinion this would complement pretty much anybody with any face shape pretty well.

wavey hair

3. Messy Side part

here is a very classic looking style that gives off you know that masculine classy vibe.

mens curly haircut styles

4. Short undercut

Zayn now of course pretty much anything that Zayn rocks is going to be pretty dope so if you have wavier hair. I mean I would just pretty much copy whatever he’s doing at the moment and your hair is going to look sick to be honest I’m pretty much a fan of all of his looks.

mens curly haircut styles

5.Hard part undercut

This is a very trendy and modern styled cut yes you will probably have to get a haircut more often than usual just to keep it looking good but it’s definitely worth it in my opinion.

mens curly haircut styles

6. Natural Wavy Fringe

This is another nice natural cut for mens curly hair styles, because this is something that I think would be great for a lot of younger dudes maybe 20 years or younger depending on how young you actually look. This one is cool because you would only really need to get a haircut maybe every month or so.

mens curly haircut styles

7. Classic hard part skin taper

Now of course you can never go wrong with a skin taper we all know that this has been going on since like what the early 1900s and the reason why it’s still so popular today it’s simply because it just looks good. And it looks good on pretty much anyone. However, if you want to take it up another notch I would definitely get that hard part in there it will for sure just complete the overall look. It is also called all time mens curly Hair Style.

mens curly haircut styles

8. Short side blunt fringe

This is a look I’ve specifically never seen I’ve seen ones like this but not exactly like this the back has like a low skinned taper while the sideburn areas have like a blunt cut for a modern the sides this one is just as cool in my opinion.

mens curly haircut styles

9. Basic wavy fade

Another one you simply cannot go wrong with you got that messy the luminous top with the clean sides in my opinion this will look good on any dude no matter what age you are and it will definitely complement your head shape as well especially for those who have more rounder face shapes.

style mens curly hair

10. Curly natural cut

With a beard now this one is for my dudes with like really wavy or even curly hair I really dig this one it has a nice natural feel to it.

style mens curly hair

11. Wavy modern buzz cut

For those of you that want something that’s very low-maintenance but you know still looks really  good and really sharp this is your go-to look right here I mean it’s definitely modern masculine and very stylish .

12. Slicked back with waves

I personally really love this look it’s very clean very nice and it also kind of gives off that bad-boy vibe as well .

style mens

Last, Styling mens curly hair is Voluminous side swept

curly hair

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