Is laser hair removal safe

is lase hair removal safe

Here we will explain to you about laser hair removal and precautions.

People often ask, is laser hair removal safe? Most of individuals who use it find that laser hair removal/IPL hair removal is safe and very much endured.

There don’t have all the earmarks of being any long haul well being dangers related with the treatment.

Be that as it may, a few people may encounter minor symptoms after laser hair or IPL hair removal. Every individual is advised to speak their dermatologist to test that how a little fix of skin responds to the treatment before having it done on a bigger region of skin.



Some people believe that IPL or laser hair removal can cause malignant(Cancer) growth. which is not found so far in any ongoing or post laser treatment.

The laser or IPL treatment uses the same wavelength of light (visible light) coming through sun. The Medical X-Rays are more dangerous than the light produced in IPL or laser treatment devices. This light is  intended to go through the skin cells and target just the hair follicles profound inside the skin.


Once more, there is no proof that laser hair removal has caused infertility. The simple mechanism of laser treatment is it just infiltrate the skin and don’t reach or influence some other organs. Laser/IPL hair expulsion is typically sheltered, even in delicate regions, for example, the groin.

is laser hair removal safe

HOME based laser treatment or IPL Laser hair removal device

Home based permanent hair removal or IPL devices are accessible for individuals who need to remove expel undesirable hairs without setting off to a dermatologist. Since, laser hair removal is very costly, the initial first session can cost around $600 and average permanent hair removal takes 4-6 visits minimum.

The home IPl laser hair removal devices are not as expensive as professional laser hair removal device.  


There is no such thing best IPL device when it comes to IPL hair removal, the real magic is in the lamp of the device not in the machine. As explained before, IPL or laser device the wave length of light to destroy the root of the hair. Hence lamp of the device produces the required spectrum of light for the treatment.

ipl laser hair removal


Many devices claim big results, but it takes minimum 4-6 weeks for noticeable hair reduction and missing hair may require 1-2 more weeks for touch ups. 


A couple of various symptoms can show up after laser hair evacuation. Most reactions are minor and brief. Anybody encountering enduring symptoms ought to counsel their dermatologist.


A few people may encounter skin crusting in the influenced region. This is regularly a minor issue which can be prevented.

Crusting can here and there lead to scabbing or scarring. By dealing with the treated zone after laser /IPL treatment, for example, by utilizing a moisturizing cream, an individual may keep any enduring issues from this issue.


There are some known issues such as burns or blisters after laser/IPl hair removal, to avoid these issues the individual or practitioner should keep the light intensity of the device low and observe the reaction.

Normally any noticeable reaction of the skin can show up with in first 30 minutes, and to avoid any problem it is recommended to use the intensity of light at bearable level. Since the light is energy which is  absorbed by the darkness of the hair and then turned into heat to destroy hair follicle.

If the heat is bearable for patient then there is less likely hood of getting burns or blisters.

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