How to Reduce Dark Circles Naturally


Want to know how to reduce dark circles naturally, so the first thing that you need to check is what’s your lifestyle.

Like are you sleeping, Are you eating well? Are you eating lots of salt? Are you eating lots of junk food? Are you exercising? Are you staying hydrated? Because all of these can make a significant impact on the appearance of dark circles.

On top of that you have the anatomy. Our Anatomy means that we have a natural group, that the skin under the eyes is also a lot thinner so you’re able to see the blood vessels through them.

Dark circles under our eyes make us look tired sick and unhealthy but the good news is that we are going over simple, quick, and easy ways to get rid of dark circles.

The reason we tend to have dark circles under our eye is because of the thickness or I should say thinness of the skin under your eye, and actually around your eye the skin on the rest of your body is about two millimetres thick. But on your eye it’s about half a millimetre super thin skin.

The thinner the skin the more easy it is to see the blood vessels underneath, when the blood vessels underneath your eye get inflamed or they dilate then they become more pronounced and the circles get darker.

How to Reduce Dark Circles Naturally

Number One: Control your Allergies

When the allergy season is happening pollen and all that nastiness, your body releases something called histamines.

When your body releases the histamine it actually dilates the blood vessels causing the under eyes to get dark.

If you’re somebody who suffers from seasonal allergies you definitely got to get them under control.

Number Two: Get More Rest

If you’re somebody who stays up real late not getting enough sleep chances are you’re rocking a sweet pair dark under-eye circles.

Number Three: Sleep On Your Back

Use an extra pillow to elevate your head, study has shown that people who sleep on their face are upside down.

The blood and all the different length fluids and nastiness will like pull and collect in your face causing the dark under-eye circles.

So, go sleep on your back, elevate your head.

Number Four: Cold Compresses

You’ve seen people like to put spoons in the freezer take them out lay them on their eyes, or those little crazy masks that you stick in the freezer and put on your eyes.

Well, the reason that people do that, and why it actually helps is that it reduce the dark circles and puffiness, it contracts those blood vessels causing the dark circles to get less and the puffiness to go away.

Number Five: Caffeinated Tea Bags

Keep the used tea bags in fridge to get cold and then place them on your eyes for about five minutes, the caffeine increases the cardiovascular circulation which in turns reduces the pooling and gets everything flowing and moving.

Number Six: Use a High Quality Under-Eye Cream

Use high quality cream recommended by physician, it actually will help reduce fine lines wrinkles but also helps reduce puffiness as well as the dark circles.

Number Seven: Stay hydrated

If you are dehydrated specially after a long run, look in the mirror and my face looks rough and darker, simply you got to stay hydrated, when you’re dehydrated bags get darker.

Tip Number Eight: Cut the Alcohol, if you’re somebody who consumes a lot of alcohol, you also need to cut that back, because higher alcohol consumption leads to dehydration.

Alcohol wreaks havoc on your skin you know what else does.

Number Eight: Smoking

If you smoke cut that out there is nothing that’s going to age your skin faster and make you look more like.

dark circle removers

Everyday Routine to Reduce Dark Circles

In terms of how can you reduce the appearance of dark circles, first you need to sleep more you need to get the correct amount of sleep?

You need to eat healthier, you can see you fruit your veg bit it sounds like lamb or you can put it, it makes a big difference.

You need to eat less salt and also you need to exercise all of these things will make a significant impact.

Eat more beans, you should be eating healthier it’s good for constipation it helps reduce it, and also beans are great too because they’re full of fibre naturally full of fibre.

As they say beans the good for your heart the more you eat the more you flow.

-End how to reduce dark circles naturally-

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