Here we will share with how to open your sacral chakra, but is is important to understand few things below. Please, read till the end. Thanks!

Sacral chakra, a more serious chakra on an emotional level and because of this it’s a very sensory chakra. It’s when we must balance and by doing so allows us to efficiently move on to the rest.

The sacral chakra is located directly below the navel and is represented by a six petal lotus flower.

The sacral chakra focuses on the depth of emotional beings, such as passion, pleasure, invigoration curiosity, and overall enjoyment of what we’re doing.

This chakra represents our experience with intimate relationships our experience with our sexuality as well.

This is important because, it translates into physical wellness as well as mental wellness. So, people who exercise a lot or do a lot of mental rigorous activities to keep in check usually have a pretty balanced sacral chakra.

Therefore, it becomes increasingly important to balance this chakra. Not only to have an active life, but a curious engaging life or a deep and passionate life in every facet. Some like to call the lovers chakra not just for other people, but for the things we do in totality in life.

Because, when this chakra is out of balance which we kind of noticed when we’re sick we feel less like ourselves more kind of glossed over hazy or just overall detached from who we really are.

So, if we want not only a better passionate life a better sex life a better creative life, balancing Sacral chakra is the way.


chakra is weak or close you’re going to have issues struggle and conflicts in areas of , Sex, Creativity, Passion, Physical wellness.

Also, you’re going to feel like intimate relationships or a threat or they’re full of pain and struggle that love equals pain that you can’t get intimate and connect or share your body your sexuality with somebody you’re going to have problems feeling like you have any creativity to express.

You can experience a tendency for self-destruction to your own body and self-abuse.

In addition to that, blockages in the orange chakra can show up as problems with acceptance of self and not knowing the self not knowing your true wants and needs.

As a result of not meeting your true wants and needs also problems with being sociable, not feeling comfortable around others. Because, you’re not sure of your own personality. Such as, how to fit in with others and how to behave around others.

That it’s quite a social chakra as well it can also show up as being overly emotional reliant or dependent on others to fulfill your emotional needs rather than being emotionally self-sufficient

How to Open your Sacral Chakra


So, how can we do this? how can we balance our sacral chakra and come to a point of joy and peace within as we move on to the next. Well, luckily we have a few quick methods that do really work that are very simple and can balance this chakra out and keep us going throughout our day and everything.


Give you some tips to get your sacral chakra open, and working for you. Because, seriously every chakra holds the blueprint for your abundant life, your well-being. It’s just not happening, because, the chakra is not being expressed properly. So, when you work with these energy centers you get the benefit of your life. Shift energies, your life shifts, it’s that simple.

It all starts at the building blocks of our physical experience are our subtle energies.

First little tricks so easy to do the color orange represents this chakra. It’s the same frequency of this particular energetic. Wear orange color, and if you’ll just wear orange that will enhance and help support the frequency getting opened and flowing. Another little trick just go and get an orange cut that orange open, and smell that orange the citrusy the connection with this fruit.


While, we do this, first is meditating on specific energies or concepts, now as I said before the sacral chakra focuses on passion on viable emotions that can change us that are tangible that are evident in our life and so by meditating on these things we can help improve them it’s kind of mindfulness in a very condensed state.

So, if I want to be more passionate person, I need to meditate on the act of being passionate on what passion means to me, on how I can include and bring passion into my life and enjoy a sense, or if I am trying in a different way to be a more or to be a less satirical and sarcastic and dismissive person towards things or towards practices that I’m trying to take in.


Discover and go for your passion, Surfing is something I love and been passionate about, surfing that is doing wonders for my mind and body, the sacral chakra is a passionate chakra, it is emotional chakra but it’s also a physical one in this sense again. it’s always good to find an active thing for you to do.


To work on acceptance or self this is the main biggie one here. You need to think about what kinds of things I don’t accept about myself.

Let’s say, I don’t accept how angry I get in certain situations, now this needs to be accepted before It can be worked on. If you’re constantly resisting the fact that you get angry in certain situations you’re fighting against an already negative thing. You need to have acceptance of this perceived negative aspect of you in order to handle it.

So, you accept that you get angry in certain situations and now transmit this energy of anger into something positive, something more useful let’s say transmitting anger into some kind of sport and releasing it in a healthy way that way so we accept how acceptance.


I don’t accept the way I look and I’m happy with the way I look.

We need to work on accepting that you can always change the way you look, and prove the way you look. But, you need to have a certain level of acceptance. Because, you may be perceiving yourself in a way that’s not accurate and other people may perceive you very differently.

So, you need to have acceptance or the fact you think yourself to be ugly. In order to stop resisting it and to work on it. You can look at healing it now, and ask this question, why do I think I’m ugly? perhaps people have told me that in the past and then I can heal those wounds myself now and feel better about myself and move forward in love and light and having more confidence for the self.

We can heal that by accepting and live happier life.


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