If you seeking how to open throat chakra, it means in simple words you are struggling to communicate well. Such as, unable to express your honest and true ideas, and hard to listen and understand others.

To align your throat chakra, Please, read through following , we have mentioned 4 methods to heal your throat chakra. you can pick any of them.


When the throat chakra is blocked or out of alignment, you will see problems developing, these aspects of the body on an emotional level you may feel social anxiety, you can’t express yourself.

You’ll feel like you’re not inspired to create things, may be terrified to speak like you’re bursting from the inside out like a pressure cooker, like you’re holding back.


The throat Chakra is associated with the color blue It’s also associated with the elements called Easter.

The throats record to be in a state of health you not only find but own your own individuality. The throat chakra governs the thinking and sharing of truth it relies on Inspiration it is the shots of the cousins listening communication personal integrity and personal honor.


What happens when the throat is out of alignment? first and foremost not thinking while speaking and living in alignment with your own personal.

Second, other people not seeing hearing acknowledging your internal truth, and seeing it as valid. This especially involves not being listened to and not be encouraged.

Also, Gossiping and complaining can cause the throat Chakra to come out. It’s not because it’s an overabundance, It’s because in the act of complaining.

Because, you’re not going with your personal integrity and personal traits. Why? Because you acknowledge from the inside that there’s something you’re really unhappy about something you want to have changed and yet You don’t do anything to change it.


What can you do to open your throat Chakra and to pull it into alignment? Firstly, you have got to figure out what is presenting this chakra from being open? Now in a natural state of health there is nothing getting in the way. It would be open.

So, it’s about what’s preventing it. Close your eyes and get rid of what it is that is preventing you, that what was your own truth with purity with your only personal integrity and your unconscious.

You can do this by asking questions to see what answers are right? Ask yourself. What is poisoning me? How am I poisoning myself? There’s keeping me from being able to be myself. Why can’t I speak? Who isn’t hearing me? Just to do an intuitive exercise to understand the state of your own throat chocolate.

how to open throat chakra



To do this close your eyes and imagine that your throat Chakra or your throat in General, what would this aspect causes you look like. What does it feel like? Do you see a color associated with it?

Do you see it textures? How do you feel in the presence of that being? now see if any images, Arise and Begin to question to understand what you’re seeing. What does it tell you? What can you do to improve its current state?

Now close your eyes, and think about your throat, you may immediately get the image of a dark frozen cave. Now the emotion they may feel an association with this cave image might be emptiness. So that you have to ask mentally to yourself, what is it that? It’s empty, oh? What is it needing to be full of? Why is it in this state? once you have done this exploration process.

Now you imagine the same visual again that you are sitting down inside that cave which represents your throat Chakra and giving it that unconditional Meaning that you are going to be here. You’re no longer alone, now maybe you may start to see a little bit of dripping in that case, now gently open your eyes and take a light or a warming lamp and put it on the wall so that it starts to become free.


As this chakra is associated with sound, this means you can use sound therapy to open up your stress. What does that mean, sing your heart out? it means tone, it means listen to singing Bowls or Even a frequency created specifically to open the throat. Anything that can create vibrational frequency and you can feel it is going to work.

Sometimes good old-fashioned screaming even if it’s into a pillow is just what you need to open your throat chakra.


Add the colors blue into your life blues the color, that is the most associated with Throat Chakra. It’s the one that’s going to stimulate at the most that means wear this color, paint your walls with this color and operate this color into things that you’re painting, any way You can think of to incorporate the color blue and see your life have spent time around it with it.


list of the herbs that can help to open heart charka.

Coriander, fenugreek, red Clover, lemon, onions. Have any of these items included in your daily diet.

Numerology association

The number 16 is the number that is associated with your throat Chakra, it means incorporate that number into your life for example? Let’s say that you decided that you’re going to use essential oil to open your throat Chakra use 16 drops.


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