Before you go onto learn about how to open solar plexus chakra, it is essential to understand some of the Major signs of blocked Solar Plexus Chakra.


One of the sign is low self-esteem, if you can’t get out of the way of yourself, if so, it might be that your solar plexus chakra is totally out of whack today. when you feel totally frustrated with your life and feel judging of others, and medically you have stomach disorder then it is solar plexus that needs to be fixed.

Also, the solar plexus chakra represents ego, and it represents a polarization, a degree to which we are service to others orientated or service to self-orientated.

In order to effectively help others, you need to be in a great health condition first. Whether it is mental or physical condition.


When I talk about ego, so it is the human self the personality the self-image /self-esteem. How you perceive yourself, what you are, like how you perceive yourself in reality in relation to others.

It’s everything about you it’s not just being an egotistical person, that’s inflated ego.

For Example, when we are predominantly serving to our self, we’re thinking only of the self, we want others to love us and give nothing much in return. We want admiration we want power, we want to manipulate others, we want to control others. These are the traits of the self-serving empty.

Whereas, a self-serving person, when we service others, we want to take care of others, make sure they’re okay too. We want to express love to them as well, and this is how we all transition from 3rd Chakra to next chakra of green light which is heart chakra.

This is why we need to be service to others as well so that we can move into fourth density positive so we can help caregiving and all importantly forgiveness to others so it serves to self as well as others.

how to open solar plexus chakra



Place your hands over your solar plexus chakra and visualize it as a ball of yellow light glowing in your stomach.

Take a deep breath and each time imagine more yellow light entering your body and imagine a glowing even brighter and brighter.

You’re doing this because you want your solar plexus to radiate, and as it does your confidence and your personal power are going to grow, as well.

Now imagine this ball of yellow light beginning to spread throughout your entire body.

Visualize every molecule of your body wrapped in this warm glowing yellow light feel yourself becoming more and more empowered now imagine standing up for yourself and speaking with confidence visualize yourself making that important decision with clarity and confidence now hold on to this and feel the success Springs really feel it.


Affirmations, you should be sitting comfortable, just keep going with these affirmations see them out loud or in your head.

I even like to write them down while I’m journaling do whatever works for you ok these affirmations are, “I act with courage and confidence”, “I will achieve my goals”,” I get the job done”,” I accept that everyone is entitled to be different”,” I am strong, I Know Who I am”,” I am self-motivated”, “I have the power to manifest my dreams”,” I have a healthy self-esteem”


Exercise that includes any movement of your muscles is always a recommendation, and this chakra seems to work best with transportation type exercising like walking or jogging. So, get outside go for a walk if you have a dog take your dog for a walk, just start baby steps little baby steps.


Crystals, everyone knows that so use tiger’s eye, wear them, hold them put them around your house put it on your desk. It doesn’t matter just use them embrace the crystal.


Aromatherapy, we like to use essential oils, simply because the smell it reminds you to realign with your intentions. So use of bergamot or cardamom or even sandalwood oil would be great.

It reminds you of your affirmations and, reminds you of your inner strength.

Some of the other signs of imbalance solar plexus chakra is, physically you may have experienced digestive issues or stomach disorders if this chakra is blocked, a medical condition that requires a trip to the doctor, Emotionally the solar plexus chakra is the energy center of responsible for personal power and self-esteem.


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