How to look better

How to look better is very general question, here we will explain some of the main factors to enhance your look with minimal effort every day.

Not everything is about gifted genetics right? the way you present yourself to the world plays a huge role.

Oh yeas, before go further, we believe you know basic hygiene yourself such as showering every day and brush your teeth twice a day.

Following are 7 methods to instantly look better


Shiny and fresh look comes with clean skin. Find out what skin type you have. If you have normal skin wash your face twice a day with skin cleanser. you can also call this tip how to look better naturally.

how to look better woman

Please note, if you have dry skin then wash once in a day, and apply moisturizer after the skin is gone dry.

Don’t Forget to do following for better skin:

  1. Drink Plenty of water
  2. Drink Green Tea
  3. Keep away from stress and go for walk
  4. Don’t go too much in the sun
  5. If you have acne avoid dairy products and
  6. Sleep 7-8 Hours.

When it comes to skin go above and beyond to achieve that clear skin and if you want clear skin if you want to look young for years to come then start right now today not next week add skincare to your daily routine. You can bring a natural glow by exfoliating your skin once or twice a week. It removes the dead skin cells and uncovers smoothly vibrant skin.

To make sure that you look and feel your best, starting off with the first tip is wear conversational pieces.

Meaning, what’s going to set you apart from every other guy/girl wearing the same shirt, jeans or dress that you bought at the same shopping mall?

Well, something that’s completely different something that stands out. Like wear some badass rings that no one else has, a cool pair of boots none of your friends ever have the courage to wear, and if you live somewhere cold, get a jacket that’s different and unique and stands out.

wear something bold is what’s automatically going to set you apart from everyone else.


Yellow teeth just make it look like your teeth are dirty like you’re not a clean.

Whiten your teeth whitening your teeth is one of the best things that you can do to your overall appearance.

how to look good everyday

Specially, when you smile it opens up a window and that is your mouth and people notice your teeth.

Replace your regular toothpaste with whitening toothpaste available in affordable price these days. Or follow some of the home remedies.

  1. Apple cider vinegar(Organic): Use it as mouth wash, apple cider vinegar, effectively kills bacteria.
  2. Strawberry + Baking Soda: smash up a fresh strawberry, combine it with baking soda and brush the mixture on your teeth
  3. Baking Soda + Water: mix one teaspoon of baking soda + two teaspoons of water, and brush your teeth with the paste. Do it 3 times in a week.

it’s easy, really affordable and it’s something that you can do right away. With a white smile you’ll find yourself smiling more and your self-confidence will skyrocket.


We call it how to look better naturally, because we all have this natural talent that we just need to practice. Better communication shows how socially confident you are and people like to stick around confident and happy people.

how to look better tomorrow

Improve your communication skills no matter what country you’re in or what language you speak, if there are people around you there is one thing you’re always going to be trying to do which is communicate with others.

Some of the following are handy tips

When you see someone: say good to see you again, and link your past conversation that you had last time, it can be any advice or anything in dress you liked about the person.

Steady eye contact: Any person you speak to, make sure you don’t look away more than once during the conversation.

Smile: when you smile a neurological level, they respond more positively to you and an instant connection is formed.

Hold conversation: Say “I’d love to hear more” when someone is obviously excited about something. Let their passion enthuse you.

Basically, it just makes you an overall more interesting person who is well-spoken and we know that well-spoken people always get what they want. Because, they can just convince people right? it just sounds so good when it comes out of their mouth and it’s kind of hard to say no. So, they always win.

Whether you’re presenting your school project in front of your class or maybe you’re just talking to your crush talking to the girl that you really like or maybe you’re going to that dream job interview the one that you’ve always wanted right either way communication is key.


This is a big one, let your hair grow a little bit longer, so many people are scared of getting a haircut or letting their hair grow because they think it’s going to look funny.

how to look better in pictures

Most of us have a look and hairstyle that we tend to stick with on a daily basis. It’s easy to fall into the same routine.

Yes it is convenient, familiar, fast…the same. But, sometimes it’s a great idea to step out of your hair-comfort-zone and try something new.

You want to switch things up? A haircut, you can change it up every single month if you want to, because it grows back that’s the best part you can experiment you can have fun you can color it, you can let it grow and then just cut it.

If you don’t like it maybe, it’s time to change it up you know let it grow for a couple weeks see how you feel about it.

Pro tip: No matter what face shape you have, there will be haircuts that look amazing on you, and a few that aren’t as flattering.

This is the reason why you have been less than excited in the past. All you have to do is find your face shape to get stunning hairstyle. So when you go to your hairstylist make sure you ask him/her about the style for your face shape. Or keep some of the pics in mobile of a hairstyle that you find perfect for your face shape.


Clothing, if you out of trend and don’t have anything new other than your routine dress /pants /shirts and pair of shoes then you will not get significant attraction.

how to look better without makeup

Knowing what’s trendy will help you avoid outdated styles, but don’t worry about following every trend. Pick trendy styles that you like and that flatter your body.

Choose 1-2 trends to follow each season to keep your look updated.

The easiest method to find trend is search various magazine online and pick few of the ones that you like.

Oh most importantly, make sure your cloths fit you well, if you have been buying ready made clothes then it is time to pay attention. You’ll want to make sure your new piece has the correct hem (the ankle or an inch below for jeans and trousers

You can get some badass styling change by adding following items into your wardrobe.

Leather Jacket: Black or Dark color such as Dark Maroon or Dark Brown. Jacket is certainly one of the most basic items that never go out of style.

A good looking Belt: your belt moves across your whole body, pickup one of the noticeable piece of clothing you own.

Wrist watch: it is among elegant category, always a noticeable accessory to wear. Because, we use our hands for everything in our daily routine such as holding door, expressing ourselves while talking etc.



Most men/women look better without makeup. Faces are much prettier than powder and base & creams.  To instantly get 100% attention put on glasses (not sunglasses).

how to look beautiful and attractive naturally

Girls and boys, if you don’t wear glasses or you do wear glasses then pick a frame that suits you well as per your face shape. Or if you don’t have any eye sight weakness then choose glasses with 0 strength.

If you have been wearing glasses, get new frame, and different shape or color.

Glasses can drastically change your look with in a minute. Here is pro tip. Pick a black frame with slightly thick side handles. Black frame fits every skin tone; hence it will make easier for you to only pick the right shape.

We can show you some of the ways to pic right frame style for your shape.

Square faces: Consider oval and round frames to soften the hard edges of your face.

Heart faces: Look for bottom-heavy frames and avoid top-heavy styles. Also, avoid decorative frames.

Oval faces: Most frames work well with an oval face shape. Round frames can enhance your curve.

Round faces: Look for frames with sharp angles and corners, like rectangles and upswept frames.

To enhance your look, do microblading of your eyebrows and do Lip scrub, these to additional activities will pull staggering look on your face.


Do you know? A good posture makes you look more attractive and confident. Not only that It is an important part of your long-term health.

body posture better look

Reason of Bad posture

Our lifestyles are causing us to have really bad posture from posting habits such as slouching sitting in front of the computer for an extended period of time constantly texting and looking down at your phone.

carrying really heavy bags or ladies wearing high heels 24/7 when our spine is positioned in an unnatural alignment the curves are exaggerated which can be due to tight or weak muscles resulting in bad posture.

A good posture is when you hold your body upright where the least strain is placed on the supporting muscles and ligaments during movement.

So, stand up straight, roll your shoulders back, and look straight ahead.

The best way is to look yourself in the mirror and find out yourself. It will require fair bit of practice before you get used to it.

Benefits of good body posture

It Improves over all muscle health,

Prevents your spine damage, meaning you are less likely to.

It is extremely important to have good posture when you have proper posture.

Apart from medical benefits, it makes you look taller and also makes you look and feel confident.


With practice, the correct posture for standing, sitting, and lying down (as described below) will gradually replace your old posture.


Exercise, it has significant impact on your look, because it improves blood circulation on your face and in your body, which makes you look fresh, fresh skin leads to better face look.  

how to look pretty

There are endless number of exercise available to make you go crazy as which one to pick for yourself, if you know the basics and you know what exercise is going to help you to bring you in shape you are good to go. One of the best exercise of all is walking.

You don’t have to join a gym today to achieve better body shape, in fact, you need a daily 10 minutes for 6 weeks. How? Pick an exercise that you enjoy so it’s easy to do it every day.

Just go to walk whenever you are free on empty stomach (before breakfast, before lunch time, before dinner) and do 10 minutes’ walk.  You can add some compound exercise that can further enhance your look weather you are female or male, it is for both.

  1. Push Ups: they work on chest, triceps, biceps.
  2. Squats: develops lower body & spine

If you want to see more difference stop drinking cola and drink warm water and sometime add few drops of lemon or Organic apple cider vinegar.


Sleep is key to physical and mental well being. A good night’s sleep helps you feel great and also improves the look of your skin and eyes. Lack of sleep triggers symptoms of mental illnesses.

better sleep

Do you know, your body repairs itself when you go to sleep, if you work or study full time you need better sleep to wake up fresh next day. You will notice a good sleep impact on your face and your voice tone, it not only makes your skin look better, you see it’s reflection in communication with other people.

To get better sleep every day follow a sleep routine and stick to the routine by going to sleep schedule, sleep and wakeup same time every day.


  1. Stay away from screen 1 hour before you go to bed. You need at least 7 hours sleep.
  2. If you can’t sleep well, do a physical activity, such as long walk or any sports that you love to play.

   Benefits of you sleeping well

You will look prettier

You eat less: yes, your body repairs, as per research, sleep deprived people eat 500 calories.

You Learn better: your mind processes the information better when you have slept well.


if you ask, how to look good everyday then i say If you feel good, you look good. Same goes with the perfume, if you believe that putting something on that makes you more attractive, it will change your behavior. You will feel more confident and secure.

It can also make you appear younger, One study conducted on 20 adults at Monel chemical senses center discovered that nice smell did actually boost perception of physical attractiveness.

smell better

We all know smell is one of the most common mood killer, whether you are out with friends, partying or at work. It is an indirect way of offending you’re your partner’s nose. As a result, you have to make sure you smell amazing, just pick the best perfume or deodorant that you find pleasant, and take its review with close friends. Use this scent every day, after couple of weeks’ people will instantly catch your presence with your signature perfume.

A study conducted in U.K, men who wore the AXE deodorant were rated by woman significantly attractive than men who did not. Same experiment was carried out for women and the results were similar.

It might seem slightly odd to know that fragrance can mask bad odours, it is actually not the most scientific point, but wearing a scent can mask other.

The most noticeable perfume that women and men find most attractive are citrus fragrances.

Do you know your natural scent is even attractive? Just put on unscented deodorant, wear your fragrance-Free laundered cloths.

You will be surprise to know, even though we cover ourselves in these colognes and perfumes every day, partners are still only attracted to our natural scents. You can try yourself, just take shower everyday use soap or body wash and put on scent free cloths, ask your partner about this you get the positive answer about your body odour.

In old days this was one of the method to find a soul mate was

“Beware of a man who smells too good because of his fragrance.

If you think, he has potential and you’re on the hunt for a man to be your mate.

Then ask the man to wash with unscented soap or body wash leave the deodorant and fragrance for a while. Notice, if your nose and heart remain enamored then you’re on to something good.

Don’t shy with experiment, just do it and do it with confidence.

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If you are men and clean shaven you will get reply as cute, handsome. However, if keep clean facial hair style, you will get compliment like hot, sexy. Though, you are going to be less attractive if you have big mustache on face.

look better

Same goes with female, keeping your eyebrows aligned and getting your upper lips done with in time will eliminate all those turned down eyes. it applies to your legs and arms.

So Guys, keep your facial hair in ideal styles.

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