How To Heal a Cavity Without Fillings


Want to know how to reverse cavities and tooth decay? Well here is a simple home remedy.

Aren’t trips to the dentist for drilling into our teeth and filling them up with synthetic material can be painful costly?

Sometimes it is traumatic, nearly everyone suffers from some kind of tooth problems at some point. Therefore looking after your teeth at best can minimize your visits to the dentist here is a way you can heal and reverse the cavity process at initial stages with this home remedy

For this remedy you’d need coconut oil 1/2 a spoon of turmeric 2 drops of clove oil and a pinch of salt mix all these ingredients in a bowl and apply this mixture onto the cavity areas.

Let the mixture rest for 5 minutes and brush it once more gently once this is done rinse your teeth with lukewarm water coconut oil is a bactericidal agent that kills all the harmful bacteria and prevents blockage.

Turmeric has been used since ages for a lot of remedies it has cute women that not only fights bacteria, but also prevents gingivitis and strengthens the gums clove oil has been identified as an integral element for maintaining oral health.

Also, it helps in tightening the gums and the eugenol present in it, in addition to that it kills all bacteria in the mouth.

Last but not the least salt. Sale is an essential component that acts as an abrasive and helps remove the bacteria.

This natural remedy will heal cavities which are at initial stage and when added to your daily routine will help to maintain your dental hygiene and keeps them stay healthy in your later years.

End: How To Heal a Cavity Without Fillings

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