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How to gain weight as a vegan? Here, we will share you 10 sources to put on weight as a vegan. So, read it till the end.

But before, we go for following items, we believe that you have normal eating habit, such as you are not going through any depression at the moment, or you don’t have any serious medical conditions (heart disease as such).

Our goal is to gain healthy weight; we eliminate all fattening food items.

First thing

Lets get to know about protein, and why protein is important in the first place. So, protein is composed of amino acids and these amino acids literally are the building blocks that become us so our muscles our tissues. our organs are composed of these amino acids that we get from protein.

Another important thing about protein is that when we eat protein it stimulates the release of the hormone glucagon, and glucagon is the digestive hormone that encourages us to burn and metabolize fat so including protein in your meals and stimulating the release of glucagon is what signals our body to become full.

Because, it also stimulates our body to start metabolizing and burning fat so protein is something we want to include in our snacks and in all of our meals.


You have been searching how to gain weight as a vegan, then the top choice is avocado. it is among the best vegain weight gainer.

vegan food

Avocados have a unique nutrition profile. They contain lots of fiber and are rich in vitamins and minerals, such as B-vitamins, vitamin K, potassium, copper, vitamin E and vitamin C.

Best use of avocado: Add a spoonful of avocado to your favorite protein smoothie for a fiber and healthy fat boost, or use pureed avocado as a spread in wraps or sandwiches instead of processed spreads, like mayonnaise. Even take a spoon of avocado add honey drops on it and have it. It is yummy and delicious.


Milky-white liquid extracted from the grated pulp of mature coconuts. 250ml coconut milk contains whooping 550 calories. It is loaded with vitamins minerals and healthy fats. Delicious option to gain weight as a vegan.

Yes 550 calories, compare to any other vegan food you eat at once.

gain weight as a vegan

Coconut milk is traditionally made by grating the white inner flesh of mature coconuts and mixing the shredded coconut pulp with a small amount of hot water in order to suspend the fat present in the grated pulp. The grating process can be carried out manually or by machine.

You can mix the coconut milk with oatmeal, smoothies, or combined with peanut butter and blue berries plus banana. Or have it all raw, enjoy the actual flavor of coconut.

It is also a substitute of cow milk.

Do you know? In Indonesia, coconut milk is one of the ingredients of the rice pancake serabi. It is also used in coconut rice, a widespread Southeast Asian dish of rice cooked in coconut milk which include the nasi lemak of Malaysia


Cheese is a top source of protein. So, it’s important to know that processed cheese products don’t count.

How to pick the right cheese: by looking on the ingredient list of the cheese product you’re buying and if it has a bunch of long weird chemical names on it that should be your red flag but hey this is a processed cheese product and it’s really not a very healthy food to consume.

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But, when we are eating high quality cheeses then it can be a very good source of protein. One way to know that you are purchasing a high-quality source of cheese is if it actually says the words grass-fed or pasture raised on the packaging.


Another wonderful source of gaining weight is yogurt but again there’s a couple of myths that we want to dispel.

So, oftentimes when we are in the grocery store and in the yogurt section there are a lot of different yogurts to choose from and most of the yogurts that we see advertised on TV actually contain a whole lot of sugar some cases they even contain high fructose corn syrup and other different chemical additives that we don’t want to be eating that are not part of a healthy food.

vegetarian diet

So, the tips are to actually read the ingredient labels and if you see a bunch of weird chemical names or you see sugar, then this is a processed food this isn’t the healthiest choice of yogurt.

Best pick would plane natural yogurt.

This is high source of protein but then we’ve also got a high source of high quality fats and these high quality fats are really good for our brain.

They’re really good for our overall health and they’re what make us feel full and feel satisfied so one other recommendation on yogurt is to just buy an unsweetened yogurt.


Quinoa now this may be a new food for some of you, but if it’s something you aren’t familiar with it is definitely one of my most highly recommended foods for healthy weight gain, also it’s incredibly easy to prepare.

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 it’s basically two parts water. One-part quinoa it prepares pretty much just like rice or any of the other grains. It makes a great replacement for rice or pasta or whatever carbohydrate you might have as your meal and the bonus is that it offers a huge amount of protein.

Use it as a meal, or a great breakfast.

You can find it in the bulk section of your grocery store or you can even find it with the pasta and the rice so check out quinoa this is a great source of protein.


And here comes the almonds among the best weight gaining options, a great source of protein, another best option for how to gain weight as a vegan J

gain weight as a vegan

Almond help to stabilize our blood sugar, also they make a really great snack, especially if you’re trying to lose weight or you have problems with maintaining your blood sugar, diabetes or something like that so nuts this is probably my favorite snack to just carry around in my purse just carry around some


Beans are another great source of protein and there are a lot of different beans out there.

beans to gain weight

Such as,


 kidney beans,

 pinto black beans,

 garbanzo beans.

There’s a lot of different use for beans. You could make hummus. You could also make a stew you can add beans to salads or just about anything.

This is something again definitely for vegetarians who want to gain weight as a vegan.

It works for both, whether you’re vegetarian or not we highly recommend that you incorporate more of these foods into your diet.


Another weight gaining source as vegetarian, most of you have probably heard of tofu, but you may not be familiar with tempeh so tempeh is a fermented tofu product and when you ferment the tofu it really unleashes the different nutritional benefits.

You can find tempeh in pretty much any grocery store. Definitely any health food stores it’s very easy to prepare.

Great food for those searching for: how to gain weight as vegetarian, because it can be used in place of certain meat products now tofu itself is a good source of protein.

tempeh vegan food

But it’s not quite as good of a source of protein and there are some people who have problems when they eat too much soy.

So, if you’re a vegetarian and you eat a lot of tofu and really depend on tofu for the protein in your diet then I would recommend checking out tempeh and looking at if you can replace some of the tofu in your diet with this fermented tofu called tempeh and even if you’re not a vegetarian this is still a really great source of protein

We’ve got one more vegetarian source of protein and that is spinach. You might be surprised to find that this vegetable is actually up there really close to all the meat products.

Some other vegetables like squash tomatoes, mushrooms, peas, kale all of these different vegetables are still considered good sources of protein.


It is carried by people who are hiking, camping, or back packing, because it is nutritious. It is high in calories at the same time it light weight and easy to store.

GRANOLA Recipe is simple.

vegan food

You can use it as a breakfast or consider it a snack food, it consists of oat, nuts and pumpkin seeds with honey or other sweeteners such as maple syrup which is going to make it weight gaining booster. We do not consider adding any sort of sugar, after combining all these ingredient is baked until it is crisp or toasted to become brown.

Another best source of energy for those searching, how to gain weight as vegetarian.


We have kept the eggs at last, though some vegetarians don’t mind having eggs, but some do.

Eggs, you need to remember is that eating the whole egg is what provides you the benefit so the yolk actually is what contains most of the nutrients that are contained in the egg and if you’re not eating the yolk then you’re really missing out.

Also it doesn’t taste as good, so when you eat eggs you want to actually eat the whole entire egg, and to give you some ideas of how you can integrate eggs into your diet obviously they make a great breakfast.

There’s a lot of ways to integrate eggs not just for breakfast so while they do make a really great breakfast food.

We actually integrate eggs into a lot of different meals and especially if you are a vegetarian eggs are going to be a really great source of protein, which is great to put on weight. So, again don’t worry about the cholesterol myths surrounding eggs go ahead and eat the whole entire egg and recognize that this is going to be a great source of protein.

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