Today we are talking about an issue that everyone searches for, especially in winter that how to cure dry skin on the face or dry skin cure in general.

Dry skin can lead to wrinkles, it can lead to fine lines and dehydration and can make you look older.

it’s also caused by genes certain people are born with dry skin, just basically have a lack of or a decrease in oil glands, some people are extra oily, some people have mild. So skin is as individual.

If you have combination skin, when one part of your face can be peeling one part can be oily that’s always really frustrating. Let’s try to know some of the causes, and eliminate or reduce them before go for proper dry skin care routine.


how to cure dry skin on the face
  • Well, your present skin condition is result of food intake habits from inside out. If you drinking too much coffee, cola, energy drinks and having alcohol almost every other day then your body is naturally flushing out water, hence leaving your skin dry. Which leads to big problem when you already have dry skin tone.
  • Hot shower, if you take hot shower, especially in the morning you are inviting dry skin. So when the water evaporates it takes all the water out of your skin, it is called TEWL (trains epidermal water loss). First, reverse the shower habit from morning to night. Meaning take shower in evening before dinner, and only use mild warm water to take shower. Spend no more than 5 minutes.
  • The reason we want you to take shower in evening, because when you already have a dry skin the hot water removes all the natural oil from your body which is needed to keep your skin hydrated and your left with dry skin throughout the day. whereas, if you do take it in the evening and go to bed, your body naturally goes into repair and maintenance cycle, while you are at sleep and hence it gets enough time to maintain required hydration level.
  • One of the reason of dry skin could be dehydration, because when you’re dehydrated your body tries to overcompensate by producing oil, hence you’ve got the dry skin from dehydration. SO DRINK PLENTY OF WATER.
  • If you put on makeup all the time this is one of the major reason of dry skin on the face. To eliminate this problem, use oil cleanser. Because that will actually give you extra hydration whereas makeup removing wipes sometimes can dry your skin a little more.

Now we have found some of the common causes of dry skin lets go for remedies.

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We are going to discuss some natural methods that you can do yourself at home without using any commercial products. As we know not all products are available in every country and not everyone can afford.


Get 8 bananas, all of them should be yellowish in their skin color. Eat one banana in the afternoon or after breakfast, eat second banana before you go to bed. Mesh two banana together and add two table spoon of yogurt or full cream milk and mix it well. Now, apply on your face as an exfoliating mask, gently circle your fingers on your face and then leave it for 15-20 minutes.

After that, Rinse with normal water and apply any moisturizing lotion on your skin.



A really easy remedy you can do at night that will have you waking up with really moisturize skin.

It’s really important to apply thing and let your body repair things overnight while you’re sleeping.

First thing, just clean your face, it’s kind of the beginning of any kind of skin care tutorial.

Through away cleanser which contains sulfate. Only get fragrance free cleanser, as the fragrance increases itchiness and dryness.

Use a mild cleanser, if you are not sure your cleanser is mild enough for your face then simply put some cleanser in a dry pot and add some water to it. Make sure you’re using something really gentle.

NEXT STEP: use an exfoliator, you can really use any kind of exfoliator the whole point of exfoliating is to get all the dead skin off the outer layer of your skin.

Tip: if you don’t have exfoliator simply use organic coconut oil add bit of baking soda in it, Done.

You can apply with gentle wash cloths made of 100% cotton, do like light circles around your skin, or get a readymade exfoliator. Do it for 60 seconds only and then wash your face with warm water, strictly not hot.

NEXT STEP: Apply a moisturizer that includes hyaluronic acid. It is the most amazing ingredient for hydrating your skin, anyone will tell you this. It prevents water loss and what’s really special about hyaluronic acid is that it can actually hold up to like a thousand times its weight in water, so not only is it giving you hydration but it’s also holding extra water with it.

IF you don’t have any moisturizer, get your coconut oil in a tea spoon add 3 drops of lemon mix it and apply on your face gently, leave it for whole night and next morning just wash with light face wash.


1. Put on gloves when cleaning around the house, say when you’re cleaning your dishes. The detergent that you’re using is designed to clean grease off of dirty dishes. It’s actually pretty harsh – that can dry out your skin. And also hot water – remember we talked about it earlier.

2. Don’t overheat your home. Now obviously you have to heat your home in the winter because you want to be comfortable but there’s a difference between a comfortable temperature and overheating. Hot air cuts down the moisture, you can relate to hair dryer to dry out your hair?

So, wear more clothes but just try to avoid overheating your home.

3. Use a humidifier. using a humidifier makes a big difference. Now if you’ve never used a humidifier before there are so many different options, and we picked the one is not pricy and easy to use.

4. A moisturizer, straight after your shower or your bath because at that stage you’ve got water which is light on top of your skin and you act you put emollient, it keeps or reduces your trans epidermal water loss and that’s how you reduce the amount of water that’s been lost so you’re not dehydrating the skin you’re preventing water loss J. If you don’t have anything ready to use, just apply almond oil or coconut oil straight after the shower.

5. lastly, get a lip balm, if your skin tone is dry then you need lip balm all the time with you. Apply twice a day.

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