How To Be Successful


Here we will explain some of the main factors on how to be successful.

This topic will cover similar question like how to be successful in life or how to be successful in career.

lets jump straight to the point and then we will explain every thing step by step.

Those who procrastinate less, make lesser excuses, stay focused and most importantly they disciplined themselves tend to be successful in their life.

Your ability to discipline your actions and your mind is probably the most important skill you’ll ever need.

On your journey to success without discipline, the only thing you can hope for is luck, but as you know a we’re not big on luck. don’t get wrong, it’s nice to catch a break and get lucky but if luck is your strategy to success, we are afraid you will remain at the mercy of situations and events that may or may not go in your favor.

 How To Be Successful

Self-discipline is one of the hardest things to master and implement because we live in a world filled with distractions.

We are bombarded by shiny things promising us happiness and fulfillment, only to be disappointed by a fading state and some money poorly spent.

How To Be Successful

This is why you should pay attention to this article, if you master self-discipline any feasible dream can be achieved, this is going to separate you from ordinary people.

Even the longest journey can be achieved, if you keep putting one foot in front of the other.

Here we will give you exact action steps to implement self-discipline that how to implement this into your daily lives.

We’re going to be honest with you it’s going be hard, and most of you will probably fail at this, because you don’t have what it takes to make it. But for the very few of you who do manage to implement this into your lives, damn this game is going be so much easier for you to play and win.



Set a goal worth fighting for. This is not an easy task because not every goal works, this has to come from within yourself. it needs to be the answer to your life. If this goal happened, your life would dramatically change.

Just by thinking of this goal you should feel a shiver down your spine, your mind should go wild and you could actually feel the blood in your body rushing a bit faster through your veins.

How To Be Successful

This goal should be strong enough to get you through the hardest times, through the pain and difficult parts of your journey, this goal will serve as your lighthouse in the distance it’ll be your guiding light to the shore. If the goal is strong enough you can make it through.

Soldiers survive the most hazardous environments where chances were a slim to none, just because their goal was to see their children again.

If you find the right goal nothing can stand between you and making it happen.

How To Be Successful

 How To Be Successful

If this is the first time you’re experimenting with self-discipline try a smaller goal something attainable but just a bit out of your comfort zone examples could be losing 5 kilograms(10 pounds), taking your close ones on a holiday trip this summer etc.

If you’ve identified a goal worth fighting for, it’s time to move on to the second step.


Finding a goal was the easy part, now it’s time to analyze it and break it apart. This is what most people never do.

If you don’t analyze and deconstruct the goal, it’s no longer a goal it’s a wish.

Anything you could possibly want can be deconstructed into smaller pieces that when put together form the bigger picture.

Your job here is to identify what are the ingredients for your goal, these are highly subjective to each target one sense.

Let’s say you’re planning to read 10 books in the next 10 weeks in order to achieve this goal you’ll need the following ingredients

list of amazing book titles which are worth reading and will elevate your mindset.

To actually acquiring the books, will you be buying them all at once? Will you buy 5 and then 5 more? Will you be reading them off your iPad as an e-book? When will the reading take place will you be reading in the morning before you go to bed? Will you listen to them as audiobooks.

Breaking down the goal to its ingredients gives you a better understanding of what you’re about to do what it takes to do it and how you can achieve.


Make a daily plan that if followed will get you to your goal, So let’s keep going with that if deconstructing the goal got us a list of ingredients this is where you establish the recipe.

Without the goal you’ll never think of what goes into achieving it, what are the ingredients that make it happen that’s all great, but you need a recipe to turn the ingredients into a final product right

Recipe is your daily plan looking at your goal you’ll need to see what are the steps necessary which will lead to achieving it, the more precise you are with these steps the better.

how to be successful

How To Be Successful

If your goal is to lose a specific amount of weight, you’ve probably identified that your ingredients are what you eat what you drink and how much physical activity you put into it the daily plan should make use of these ingredients stop eating junk food and instead eat nourishing foods eat a caloric deficit which means you eat less than what you burn in a day.

It’s not that complicated yet people struggle to lose weight because they don’t approach it systematically.

 if the plan is right and you stick to that plan for an extended period of time you will achieve your goal.


No matter how much you want it there will always be a part of your brain that’s aware of your environment and highlights whatever shiny thing is around you.

This is where you take control of your environment the person who controls their environment controls their life. When deconstructing this goal, look for threats things that could impact your journey negatively and see what you can do to minimize or to remove it completely.

If you’re dropping weight don’t have ice cream in the house. If you plan on writing a book don’t start a new TV series. If you’re prone to watching a lot of TV. You could actively remove the TV from your house so the only thing that’s left is to focus on your goal.

If you design your environment around your goal your chances of achieving it increased dramatically and the time until you do so is cut down by a large amount.

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Prioritize the goal before anything else, the goal you picked will change your life when you achieve it. That’s the premise of this entire thing the goal is probably the most important thing you can do right.

So, it needs to be a priority, everything else falls to second place, before you do anything else you need to take care of your daily steps in order to reach your goal.

You’re an adult who’s in control of their life and their decisions. If the goal you chose could have that much of an impact on your life, why wouldn’t you make it your number-one priority.

If you’re writing a book and some things come up you first take care of your daily writing and then with whatever popped up.

if you’re losing weight and some friends want to hang out, you first hit the gym and then see your friends. The goal comes first people waste time on urgent but not important issues and neglect the things that could change their lives for the better.

That’s why people never escape the rat race they’re too busy fighting urgent but unimportant things and never get around to doing what really would make a difference.

how to be successful


Don’t wait for it to feel right getting to where you want to be life is not going to be easy actually it’s going to be really hard. That’s why most people will never make it, that’s why most people are average their lives are average their relationships are average.

People look forward to the weekend because the other five days of the week they’re miserable.

 How To Be Successful

How To Be Successful

Michael Jordan became the greatest of all time, because he kept on training in the offseason while the other players were taking a break. This pattern of keeping at it no matter if you feel motivated is so important and without it you’re not going to make it.

If you only put in the work when you feel like it the world will award you when it feels like it and the world doesn’t care about you that’s why you need to do it yourself everyday.


Some people don’t understand that you are not your body you are your mind. And your mind controls your body. You can actively force your body to perform certain tasks if your mind is strong enough an individual is defined by their willpower if you’re unable to control your actions I’m afraid you’re not in control of your life.

How To Be Successful

You’re just another speck of dust carried by the wind, it’s time to put your foot down and take control. We’ve already said that it’s not going to be a smooth ride, but sometimes it’s going to be extremely difficult, this is where your desire for the goal is getting tested.

There’ll be days when you don’t feel creative, snowy or rainy days when going to the gym will look horrible. Business hustles that don’t seem to bring any results you just going to trust your plan and keep pushing forward.

In times like these remember that goal visualize it think what it would do for your life what it would feel like for you to achieve it that is what you’re fighting for that’s why you keep on pushing.


A role model that inspire you the road will be long, and it’s easy to feel lonely in this journey but rest assured you’re not the first one that’s gone through this.

Many people who master self-discipline have already achieved incredible results these are the people at which the world looks at in awe, they don’t understand how someone could attain things that they themselves had failed at in the past your goal is to find these people study them read their stories most of them will share the struggles they went through and while others look at the end result.

We suggest you look at the daily grind before they were even on the map to begin with those are the people who are living proof that your goal is attainable because they did it before you read about them watch their interviews and learn from them wherever you feel like.

How To Be Successful

If they can do it, means it is possible it doesn’t guarantee your success but it’s incredibly reassuring to know someone else walk the road you’re walking and reach the same destination you’re shooting for.


The moment you decide to skip one day, it’s the moment you sacrifice your goal. Believe it or not achieving your objective requires you to be all-in on this, from the beginning to end.

We’re not exaggerating this, most people think it doesn’t matter if they skip one day what it does is it sets a precedent and already establishes a vulnerability in your foundation think of your entire project as a wall.

Every day you put another brick in it, but one day you decide to skip it or do a half-ass job, the thing is the next day you’ll have a different slot to fill with your brick and that vulnerability is now permanently in the wall.

How To Be Successful

Guess what happens when the flooding comes? that wall may be super solid in the remaining time but that vulnerability that’s what comprises the entire thing water will start filtering in the gap will grow until all of your progress is nothing but rubble.

So, no days off when you made the plan you committed to following it you know that following the plan will get you to where you want to be. So why jeopardize your journey.


It’s always shocking to us, when people don’t measure their progress, we ourselves measure everything so we should have an understanding of our situation as possible, if you don’t measure and keep track of it you can’t improve on it.

How To Be Successful

You need the data and the only way to get it is by dedicating a portion of your time to it.

Measure everything you can measure. This is how you’ll uncover things that work and those that don’t.

Having this type of information will allow you to make educated decisions and not shoot in the dark hoping something hits there are also side benefits to seeing that the effort you’re putting in is actually showing results.


Now that you’ve already been running the experiment for a while and have aggregated some data, it’s time to self-analyze that how you’re doing.

We recommend you do this once a month, you’ll start breaking your progress apart and do the same with the results.

how to be successful

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