How to be more attractive as a man, we will not explain here the obvious stuff such as grooming, decent hair cut, working out and nice dress.

We assume you are smart enough to know if you have 200 pounds body fats you need to go gym to reduce those body fats and if your hair is 3 feet long you need a haircut.

Lets talk about specific stuff that make you more attractive man.


If you have a face that is extremely good looking naturally, then you usually look better without a beard. But if you have a face that’s average, or below average, then you usually look better WITH a beard, because what it does is helps to hide the imperfections.

You may have heard that people find symmetrical faces attractive. Most faces aren’t symmetrical, but when you have a beard, it basically covers half your face which means half of that asymmetry is now hidden! So you look twice as symmetrical as you did before.


Girls like confidence and positivity. They don’t want to be around someone who’s insecure and desperate. Be positive In addition to confidence, something that’s often overlooked is POSITIVITY. People like to be around positive people.

Think about it. You want to be around someone who’s always complaining, always being negative about stuff, doing negative things, and all that?

The problem with guys is a lot of them act negative around girls. Such as, “why don’t you like me? why don’t you text me back?” and they act all emotional.

Research studies shown that people who are more kind and positive and friendly are rated as being more attractive than other people.

So, If you want to be more attractive man stay positive


Majority likes animals, and having a pet just makes you seem like a nicer, who is responsible enough to take care of someone.

If you like dogs, and you also have one, she  will take it as a positive sing. So if you like animals, get one!

And If you don’t like animals, don’t get one just to impress a girl if you know you’re not going to take care of it.


Have stuff you care about Attractive guys aren’t just empty shells. They usually have at least one hobby that they’re really passionate about.

Maybe a sibling or a parent or a pet that they really care about. Dreams that they really want to achieve. And so on. If you’re just a generic dude who doesn’t care about anything, that’s EXTREMELY unattractive.

So, If you don’t have any hobbies, get one. If you don’t have any dreams, get one.


This is killer how to be more attractive man advice.

Even an unattractive guy driving a cool car will get a couple free points just for that alone. You might ask why? Because, It makes a great first impression. And it makes her to think she looks cool when she’s riding around with you. You don’t have to be rich to get decent car.

Follow this: For the price of a new Camry you can get a used BMW.

be more attractive man

For the price of a new BMW, you can get a used Hellcat or a Corvette, or anything in that range that you like and think would be fun to drive.


Doesn’t mean be yes my lady all the time. Instead, talk less. Let the girl talk. Don’t text her more than she texts you. Don’t call her more than she calls you. Don’t send her a long text if she’s sending you short texts. If she asks you a question and you don’t know the right answer then don’t reply.

When in doubt, just be quiet. There’s nothing worse than a guy who talks and talks but doesn’t actually have anything worth saying

A lot of guys suffer from “over-talking” and it’s really unattractive


Fragrance becomes a signature and people can feel your presence without physical existence

Always use nice perfume. Avoid, deodorant and cologne, as they both have poor lasting, because deodorant are used to reduce underarm wetness and control body odor, only use it when you are playing sports and sweat a lot.

to be attractive man

Colognes are very lower concentration of fragrance, hence they last not more than 1-2 hrs.

Find a decent perfume that suits you, when you find one, use it every day and pretty soon people will identify you with the fragrance.


There’s a lot of guys out there they floss and brush their teeth every day which is great but they forget about their tongue. If you have the white kind of discoloring on your tongue then chances are you have bad breath.

Tip: Drink water in the morning and before you go to bed.


To be more attractive man, show some energy. It comes with you are talk and express your ideas. The number one source to give you boost is exercise, not just weight lifting or doing some six packs.

Just do exercise, if you hate exercise try just two days a week for one hour or get a bike or start a new sport.

Just get moving you will really start to have more energy and you will also feel a lot better.


Don’t get hairstyle that you think looks cool, rather go and pic your hairstyle as per your face shape. Why? Because your face is also changing over time go and look at some old photos and you’ll see it.

This also means that the hairstyle that used to work for you might not work for you anymore. But, if you’re happy with your haircut, use the right styling products to style them.


Why does this work? Notice yourself when you talk to someone with glasses you likely focus the person more than the normal person, that is what you want. You want people to look at you, to look you in the eyes and to be able to connect with them

It is the only un-natural accessory that be used for a complete appearance change without any big step.

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