Homemade Hair Oil Recipe For Hair Growth


Want to know homemade hair oil recipe for hair growth? instead of explaining everything in text. we have following for your understand.


Above video contains explanation for natural hair growth oil

Homemade Hair Oil Recipe For Hair Growth

You can use any other oil in place of coconut oil like sesame oil, avocado oil, etc.

Simmer the oil on low flame until it turns to a light brown color (Just simmer the onion until the juice gets infused into the oil, do not fry or overcook the onions).

If you don’t want to use direct heat then u can use a double boiler method to make the oil.

To use – You can use it as hair oil and also warm the oil slightly and massage it on your scalp and hair for 5-10 mins.

Leave it on 30mins to an hour before you wash it off with a mild shampoo. Use twice a week. ONION SMELL – onion oil does have a strong smell, to avoid the smell – Try to stain only the oil and no to get any onion paste into the oil when you strain the oil.

Add in several drops of essential oil like lavender, rose, or orange essential oils to the onion oil.

 Essential oil is just optional, use it only if you have it. If you are pregnant do not use essential oil and also essential oil is not always entirely safe for children.

You can add lemon juice to the oil before applying it on your hair to cut down on the smell.

You can also rinse your hair with diluted lemon juice or apple cider vinegar after hair wash to get rid of the smell. Products – To keep your hair healthy, wash your hair with a natural, herbal shampoo or a shampoo bar with natural ingredients.

Shelf Life – The oil can last for 4-6 weeks, but it may vary depending on your location and the temperature.

The hotter it is, the shorter the shelf life, you can refrigerate it in an airtight container to extend its shelf life. Caution – Always patch test before use. If your skin is sensitive and you experience inflammation and discomfort, discontinue use. If you are pregnant do not use essential oil and also essential oil is not always entirely safe for children.

Benefits of Onion oil(Homemade Hair Oil Recipe For Hair Growth)

Benefits of Onion oil- It is rich in antibacterial properties that keep your scalp healthy and free from infection.

It boosts the level of antioxidants to promotes hair growth. It helps to premature graying, delays gray hair and also treats dandruff.

Onion stimulates your scalp and improves the circulation of blood. Onion is also rich content of sulfur it, which will nourish your hair follicles and prevents hair fall.

You can also use sesame oil or any other oil of your choice to make onion oil. If you don’t want to use the oil because of the smell then make onion shampoo and onion juice mask that is equally effective  

To make – Blend the onions to a paste and then add it to a saucepan with oil.

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