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Hairstyles Women Love on Men

In this article we are going to show you 5 hairstyles that women love on men.

A good haircut can really enhance your appearance and actually all of your positive attributes.

A bad haircut or a just sloppy haircut over something that’s overgrown can really ruin and take away from your overall appearance it’s really unattractive actually, so let’s talk about the hairstyles that women will love.

NUMBER 1: Classic Side Part-Hairstyles Women Love on Men

mens hair style women love
hair style for men

I think I can speak to this a little bit when you have longer or even shorter hair not too long obviously it’s really versatile I like it because even when it grows out a little bit still really manageable and looks good.

Just grows a little over the years, it’s a timeless classic hairstyle that will look good years and years and years down the road, It’s always just an attractive haircut that compliments most face shapes and hair types.

NUMBER 2:  Crew-Cut

mens hair style women like
hairstyles women love on men

It is short on the sides and then just a little bit longer on top just like long enough where you could style it over it’s great actually when you really have a fine hair or thinning hair too or thinning yeah especially.

If you have a like a balding spot in the back it’s much easier because you have a little bit of hair to play with and it doesn’t look so pronounced like if you had longer hair so it’s a great hairstyle.

NUMBER 3: Brush up /Pompadour

mens hair style that women love
hairstyles women love on men

This is one of those hairstyles women love on men, It is where it’s still short on the sides but longer on top where you just brush it all the way the main distinguishing element this haircut is that doesn’t have a side part.

Just kind of all straight back and it’s a little shorter on the side so you don’t have to really worry about not too short on the side so you don’t want like a like a crazy undercut on this side this is also just another hairstyle that’s super sexy very attractive and it makes women actually want to just run their hands in that delicious thick long hair.


NUMBER 4:  Long Wave – Hairstyles Women Love on Men

hair style best for men
hairstyles women love on men

This is great for guys that have wavy hair obviously as well as curly hair and you kind of want to embrace that a little more and it’s for longer hairstyle it’s a longer hairstyle so actually keep it kind of longer on top and then you have the sides just trimmed a little shorter.

It doesn’t need to be significantly shorter and then what this allows you to do is kind of really let your curls and waves kind of take over and it’s a little more of a longer, it looks great on some guys, especially if they have that type of hair and they want to have a longer haircut this one looks fantastic. This is among wavy hairstyles women love on men, you can also find best curly hairstyle here.

Obviously, it’s not like Kenny G long you know down to your shoulders not that type of leg most flattering way to style your that kind of hair type and if you don’t keep the sides kind of trimmed a little more. It tends to get and bulbous and you start looking like a Marge Simpson kind of character a little bit.

Especially desserts going up and up you don’t want that so that’s why it’s really important to keep the sides a little bit shorter

Final hairstyle

bald men hair style
thin hair style for men

It is the best cut so a buzz cut you can never go wrong with this it’s especially great if you have really really thinning hair like to the point where it’s just starting to get bald now so buzz cut is fantastic if you have you know a shortage of hair but also if you just don’t want you have to maintain anything like anything on top of your head.

it’s really really good for it and for the most part it’s flattering a really wonderful a hair type hairstyle for men it kind of exudes a little bit of a confidence thing too.

It’s like okay most people have longer hair I’m just doing away with it entirely and depending on your face shape I think the only phase shift that won’t work is like if you have a really round face really round face.

Because then it actually looks like very odd it’s almost like you’re wearing a kind of a helmet and it makes your face look even rounder so if you have that face shape you want to avoid it but pretty much every other face shape you can take care of you can have that hairstyle with.

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