Gentleman Hairstyle

These hairstyles will make you stand out, we are going to share with you the gentleman hairstyle that women love on men.

gentleman hairstlye

Includes Barber VS hairstylist too.

Also, I wanted to know  what hairstyles women found super sexy so before we go over these 7 gentleman, I asked women’s opinion about their favorite  Styles.

You need to understand that these are unique perspective few of the women’s choice that definitely shocked me but it is it’s just cool to hear what they have to say and what they think actually looks good.

1. Pomodoro

I love when a guy can wear a sexy Pomodoro and kind of wear it push back and tie it on the side the push back pompadour with tight sides is an incredible look if you can pull it off, specially.

If you don’t have pointy ears but if you’re looking to rock the style you definitely need to grab some type of pre styler to give your hair a little lift and to keep it up and amazing.

gentleman hairstyle
gentleman hairstyle


2. Crew Cut,

It is short on the sides and then just a little bit longer on top just like long enough where you could style it over.

It’s great actually when you really have a fine hair or thinning hair too or thinning yeah especially if you have a like a balding spot in the back it’s much easier.

Because, you have a little bit of hair to play with and it doesn’t look so pronounced like if you had longer hair so it’s a great hairstyle.

gentleman hairstyle
gentleman haircut

3. A shave head

Personally I think it looks incredible if you are going to take it super short to add a little bit more dimension to your face.

Go with some type of short stubble or facial hair in order just to help balance everything, dudes that have nice shaped heads and normal like non pointy ears that can just buzz it off and shave their head it looks incredible there’s nothing better nothing sexier. Checkout Baldmen Style here.

gentleman hairstyle


Short texture like real messy not to put together you can never go wrong with short textured messy hair.

It’s just a playful fun and and versatile hairstyle it’s not too like polished and professional it’s a little bit more casual but it definitely looks good.




Now a little hair styling pro tip if you are going in and would like to add a little more texture when you’re going to see a stylist or barber ask them to raise her or just kind of thin out to give your hair a little bit more texture one of the downsides to going to a barber as opposed to a stylist is barbers typically will just cut the hair across they don’t do much in terms of texture but if you see that your barber is actually cutting like this vertically that means that he is trying to add a little bit more texture or if he can use a razor even better

5. Disconnected Haircut/Gradual Fade

gentleman hairstyle

I’m not a big fan of the disconnected haircut, I like more of a gradual fade, I really like a clean fade and like when your top is versatile.

You can do different styles don’t have one style all the time sporting the disconnected undercut, you can have that long length on top but it’s about more of a gradual fade and there is in my opinion nothing better.

hairstyles for men

The disconnected undercut was tough because it was like short and then super long and so there wasn’t really much you could do with it but having one that is faded and gradually blended allows you to have a lot more flexibility and just to do more things with the hair you got and last but certainly not least


View This Ring

6.Classic Side Part

A clean classic side part is the best GENTLEMAN HAIRSTYLE, and a guy clean classic side part you cannot go wrong.

Because, it’s a timeless style it’s worked for like years ago, it works like for like years in the future, it’s never going to go out of style and it’s also a great option for those of you who do rock a different style like a pompadour or some type of messy texture.

And if you want to just make it a little bit cleaner a little bit more professional take it over to the side gentlemen maybe use some type of high hold pomade you can also use the beaten.

gentleman hairstyle
gentleman haircut


Last one is long hair, yes guys you can rock it. It just looks sexy , girls still dig it embrace the lusciousness. The only down side to long hair is it requires more time to look after long hair, but you can look completely different than everyone out there.

long hair style for men
long hair style with beard

Comment below, which one is your favorite gentleman hairstyle style,  let me know

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