facial hair style

Facial Hair Style

Here we have compiled some of the best facial hairstyle or beard style for men.

So,Facial hairstyle has been there for centuries, but it has been trending high compare to the past. A guy that’s clean-shaven means I’m 12 or it means I’m 11 or it means I’m 9. that means facial hair style

Or most likely, it says that you hate your boss and your job but you are a slave to corporate America.

Want to know what length of facial hairstyle is most attracted to girl? Read the research at the end.

Beard trend is just getting started. Gone are those days when you had to be cleaned shaven all the time.  It used to be if you were sporting a beard, you were viewed as less professional. But, that’s not the case anymore. Facial hair is here to stay.  

Guys, here we will give you 10 facial hair styles that you need to know.


Believe it or not much of your beard health comes from within. Maintaining a good diet, exercising and keeping your stress levels low will all do wonders towards growing an awesome beard. With that said, there are some things you can do to keep your beard in top condition.

Keep your beard hydrated and conditioned. This will help with flakey skin around the beard area and dandruff whilst also giving you soft and luscious facial hair

we will also give you truthful analysis about the facial styles that opposite gender find least and most attractive.


You know what look you’re going for and you use a pair of clippers to get them. You set it to about 1.3 maybe 1.5 and you go over getting that perfect stubble look. Shaped stubble comes with various benefits, such as you have to shave less frequent, secondly, you get protection from VU lights and ultimately reducing your aging sign.

facial hair style

In the past, stubble used to have a negative connotation with it. in the 1930’s it was depicted the out of work man as having stubble. The recent research I’ve read though shows this association is no longer the case. And, in fact, stubble is viewed as the most attractive of all the facial hairstyles.

So, if you want to look good for the ladies and not spend too much time on your facial hair, shaped stubble is the way to go.


it has gained popularity over the past couple of years, no guide to facial hair style would complete without including the beardstache. Some of you guys are not going to like this. So, what is a beardstache: you can imagine a very light beard, pretty much just past the stubble and then you let that mustache continue to grow out.

facial hair style

It’s a very polarizing style. Some people are going to love it, some people are going to hate it, but really it depends on you. Are you going to wear it with confidence?

In essence, beardstache says that you’re a bit tired of conventional facial hair styling. You actually, don’t hate the trend, by any means, but you just want to step away from them a bit and try something new. Which means, you’re confident and have a good sense of style and taste.


This is going to be a full beard style. Now, the Bandholz is similar in style to a lot of the other styles out there, but it goes well beyond the 20 cm mark.

facial hair style

It is combines a mustache with a full beard. The Bandholz style does not have a specific maximum length. Due to this fact, it allows many people to grow this style of beard without looking the same.

But, the mustache has to be groomed, so it does not extend over the upper lip and the edges should be blend into the beard beneath. The base of the beard should be slightly rounded at the edges and the bottom should be even with as few stray hairs as possible.

Now, the beauty of this style is that if you don’t like your jaw line or chin, this is going to be a beard style that’s going to do a good job of covering all that up. Also, It doesn’t require that much maintenance.

To give it clean look, make sure, you got to run a beard oil through it, you got to comb it, but trimming you’re going to do, it’s a minor amount of trimming here or there. Though, overall, this is going to be something that is a great style. The bad side, it takes almost a year to grow.

Pro tip to grow your hair faster: east omega 3 as much as you can, it can be found in Fish, Flaxseed(use flaxseed oi if you want), wall nuts, Soybeans(Roasted).


The Van Dyke has been going in and out of style since the 17th century.

This facial hairstyle is unique, to achieve this look, you have style your facial hair into an anchor shape. The beard style curves around under your chin and then join up to your mustache with a narrow strip of hair under your lips.

facial hair style

So, there was a painter, Van Dyke and he painted the guy kind of famous back then. It was Charles the 1st of England, and he was wearing this particular style. It caught on, everyone started imitating it.

Nowadays, we see guys like Christian Bale, David Beckham pull it off still. So, the biggest advantage of the Van Dyke is it gives shape to a face relatively quickly. So, if you don’t like you jaw line, you’ve got a round face, this is something that you can bring in you can start to implement.

Now, the bad thing about the Van Dyke, it does require a lot of maintenance, so make sure to get some good clippers and have good upkeep with this style.


This style of facial hair slightly different than usual ones. Basically when you incorporating hair on a man’s chin and mustache and you are left with cleanly-shaven cheeks.

There are a few good reasons why men decide to grow a goatee. First and foremost, it’s pretty easy to grow one, no matter the style you choose.

Another good reason that the goatee is a great style to start with because goatee have got many sub styles. The sub styles really cater to men whose facial hair is going to grow differently.

A goatee can mask an undershot or weak chin, by giving the illusion of fullness and shape.

facial hair style

So, the first step obviously is to grow the beard. Goatee is something that you can try and you can go for it.

There’s a wide variety of sub goatee styles that you could try to pull off depending on where your facial here is actually growing.

We’ve got the mustache with chin beard. So, this is for  guy, who is  having difficulty growing a beard, he’s tried growing a beard and he just gets basically hairless patches on the cheek, maybe on neck, and I can completely understand, that this just does not look good. So, if you really want do something that’s going to give a bit more shape to the face. This is a great style for you.


Faded beard. Now, this particular style requires the facial hair to be cut and blended in to the hairstyle precisely. Over the centuries, faded beards have come in and out. But, over the last five years, they’ve been trending and what’s interesting about the faded beard is actually where do you want to put the fade.

You can actually put it right up here near the sideburns or you could even move it down. Now, no matter where you put the fade, this style is not for the faint of heart, it requires a lot of the upkeep and maintenance. We’re talking going to your barber at least once a week.

This style is on point, I absolutely love it and I think this year, it’s going to continue to trend.


This style has a wide full beard with an integrated mustache in a rounded bottom. It is a full long beard, but not nearly as long as many of the other variants out there. It usually stops at about 20 cm.

While the mustache should be kept neat, the beard can be allowed to grow naturally. In fact, the more natural the beard appears the better.

The Garibaldi is a good compromise as it appears as a bold and full beard but is actually shorter than most beards in the natural category.

facial style

The bad part about garibaldi style is, it requires regular maintenance especially around the bottom of the beard where you want that rounded appearance.

The great thing about Garibaldi is, it works with almost any face shape.

Uniform beard. Now, the characteristics of the uniform beard is it’s uniformed all the way around. They are relatively shorter beards.

Now, this beards style is great for a wide range of face shapes and what’s interesting is of all the beard styles out there, this is considered one of the most professional. So, if you’re looking for a beard style to start wearing to the office, consider the uniform beard.


This is ever green beard style, that we have kept it number1. The reason we kept it number one,This beard style has been going in and out of fashion for over two thousand years, like roman officers and emperors. The best part is, this beard style doesn’t require much hair which is great news for guys that it’s difficult to grow beard.

Just in few weeks you can have something that’s working even if you’ve got beard patches right here on the cheek around the jaw line around the chin.

hairstyle women love

Also, you let that hair grow out, you may be keep a little bit more trim and this style is still going to work for you. It is easy to maintain. You don’t have to go to a barber, you can do this yourself with a pair of clippers and a guard.


According to Australian Research study in 2013, showed 351 heterosexual women the photos of ten men in different phases of facial hair growth from clean-shaven to fully bearded. After that these women had to rate the men based on four specific categories. Such as, health, attractiveness, masculinity and parenting ability.


Firstly, they had to shave their face, and take a picture. Right after 5 days, another picture.

After 10 days they took their 3rd picture. And finally, fully bearded picture.

So, now they have four pictures clean-shaven, five day, ten day, and fully bearded.

The 4 stages pictures were presented front of them, and asked to rate them for specific socio-sexual categories, like how healthy, how masculine, how attractive, how good of a father they look like.

The results were surprising. The most attractive men were the guys with the 10 day old facial hair. It is just proving once and for all that that window between five days double and ten day or somewhere between those number is ideal choice for women.

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