Does Penis Size Matter

does penis size matter

Does the penis size really matter ? we are going to discuss in details the three male insecurities that women honestly don’t care that much about.

Here is the fact.  According to research conducted by university of California, 84% of women based on a study don’t care at all about penis size. And, the 16% that do, it’s a minor factor in many things that they look at in a potential mate.

Another study found that it not the size which is important, but how well you can use the penis for your partner’s pleasure.

The point here is, guys make it out to be a much bigger issue than it actually is. Women don’t care about it as much as we think they do. We mainly get influenced by porn movies actors, who get paid for their demonstration of unusual penis size.

So what is the average size of penis around the world. The answer is it is between 4.85inches to 5.2.


The smallest penis is considered to be below 3.5.


Actually, no one can answer question right. Does size matter, because it actually isn’t the right question that you should be asking at all. It is something that is out of your control it’s something that you’re either born with or without. Instead, we should be focusing on the things we can control.

does the penis size matter

We should be focusing on what truly matters in this life, not these trivial things that that are so futile and insignificant. The question is what are you working on about yourself, how are you improving your life, are you stepping out of your comfort zone.

Are you learning to be confident are you taking chances taking risks being bold being brave and be maybe just 1% better every single day.


you may read in the back of magazines or on the internet there are no magic pills that make you larger use of a penile. Also, stretching device penis extender may result in a slight improvement about 0.5 centimeters in penis size.

If you are willing to wear a weight attached to your penis every day for about 8 hours for 6 months. This approach however may leave you with torn penile tissues broken blood vessels and discomfort.

Several surgical options are available to increase penis size. It does not actually involve making the penis longer, but instead allows about one inch or more of the shaft to become visible outside of the body. To achieve this, a surgeon needs to cut the ligament that connects the penis to the pelvic bone.

Post-surgery: you would need to wear weights or a stretching device daily for about six months to prevent the ligament from reattaching itself.

Another surgical option is done as an outpatient procedure the doctor partially disconnects the scrotum from the shaft of the penis which may allow more of the shaft to be exposed outside of the body. This technique can be helpful for men whose scrotum is attached high on their penile shaft.

Surgical procedures to increase penis size are associated with a risk of infection nerve damage erectile dysfunction and reduced sensitivity of the penis. Men who want to consider surgery to improve penis size should discuss the options and potential side effects and consequences with their physician.



If you are not passionate in intercourse then women would not enjoy that very much. For a while she will go wow to large penis size but later on next day she will re call and think about the pleasure she had.

In most cases women complain that male with bigger penis don’t really care about female desires and intimacy. So, you have to be involve in activity not just sitting and standing and telling her, here is my big junk.

does size matter


It is important to go for complete ride, lets assume you invite your girl to together to a beautiful mountain’s top where scenic view is so beautiful. While you were climbing up, all of sudden in the middle of the journey you got exhausted and refused to go further.

Now she has two options, either she go alone to the top and see enjoy the view her self alone. Or accept your offer to return back to the base. In either case, she will not be happy, but might not express it at that moment. However, if you ask her to go again next time, it is likely she will refuse and pick someone else who can go to the top with her and share the pleasure.

penis size matter


The reason a lot of guys are insecure about their build is that they have ideal body in their mind.

So, the question here is what body type is most attractive? It turns out, it depends on who you ask specifically what sex they are.

So, whenever they ask men to select the male body type that they feel is most attractive to people, men again and again we chose the over sized muscular body type.

does penis size matter
In our minds, this is what’s most attractive.

Interestingly enough though, women chose the average fit body type, and that was the one again and again they selected as most attractive. So, is there a perfect body type out there? The answer is no. In general, we think that you should be as fit as you can be.

does penis size matter
Average body for men

These are the right question that everybody should be asking.

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