difference between rich and poor

Difference Between Poor and Rich

Here are 8 differences between poor and rich people.

Not every rich person is born into a wealthy family, so how do so many well-off people reach their financial goals?

A major difference between rich people and those who have money problems can be found in the way they think act and see the world.

Here, we have compiled the list of habits of poor and rich people and their comparison. and we believe by end of this article you will have great knowledge about the topic.


Major difference between rich people and poor people is that rich people don’t try to show off their wealth. You can count it as rich vs poor mindset.

Look at these guys one of them is rich the other is poor can you guess which one is poor and which one is rich. Well, you might think that the wealthy one is the guy wearing pants from a famous designer expensive, jewelry and a haughty smirk right?

Nope this guy is just trying to look rich, but those who have money don’t always flaunt their wealth. It may sound surprising, but there’s no real need to buy a pair of thousand-dollar jeans if you can find a high-quality product that’s ten times cheaper.

Wealthy people understand that and follow this strategy and this doesn’t just apply to clothes on top of that most rich people don’t blindly follow the latest fashion trends or buy up new collections just because they’re popular today.

They realize that this isn’t the best financial investment and even more importantly they don’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone else.

As for people with less money some of them just like our guy are often eager to buy something that is trendy today but at the same time this product often costs a fortune, and after such a purchase those who don’t have the mentality of a rich person often have to save on buying food until they get their next paycheck.

There’s a lot of truth in this statement there are three kinds of people in the world

  1. The haves, 2. The have-nots, 3. The have not paid for what they have.


Rich people invest money in certain expensive items while some rich people may pick cheaper though still high-quality clothes over trendy items at an exorbitant price.


1.There are things they don’t save on, such as a coffee machine, perhaps you love coffee you can’t live without drinking a cup or two a day at the same time you believe that a coffee machine is too expensive to purchase.

Let’s do some math you pay between two and five dollars for a cup of coffee okay let’s take 3.50 as the average price. If you buy at least one cup of coffee every day this turns into about $1,300 per year.

Oh why didn’t we figure this out earlier…

At the same time a good coffee machine costs no more than $500 isn’t that an impressive difference?

2.An induction stove costs twice as much as their electric fellows, but don’t think that wealthy people only offer induction stoves to make their kitchen look cool.

The reason is that induction stoves are extremely efficient and almost 90 percent of the energy produced goes into heating your food as for electric stoves their efficiency is only 70 percent gas stoves are the least effective only 40 percent of their energy is spent on heating food.

One more benefit of induction stoves is that your meal is ready more quickly and therefore less energy is consumed.

3.LED light bulbs despite having many advantages, LED light bulbs are still not that popular the reason for this is their high cost, but let’s look at some numbers an LED lightbulb is eight times more expensive than a regular incandescent bulb.

On the other hand, an LED bulb consumes ten times less electricity and while your ordinary light bulb works for a maximum of $1,000 an LED bulb has a service period of between 10,000 and 25,000 hours this means that an LED light bulb is approximately 7 times more economical than an ordinary and cheap incandescent one energy-saving glass.


This biggest difference between rich and poor mentality, rich people make their money work for them, while poor people work for their money, both poor and rich people work hard to earn money.

rich and poor people mentality

Rich people know how to make their money work for them, they don’t keep their income and savings accounts.

Rich have funds in their budget that they can invest and they do this regularly rich people sometimes have to sacrifice good shopping to invest money and receive much more at a later date that’s called delayed gratification.

As for the less wealthy they tend to spend all their money this places them in a very unhappy vicious circle they work hard and they spend money then they take another job to be able to spend more but it’s still not enough.

The more they earn the more they spend they start working on the weekend and their life turns into a constant race of futile attempts to earn enough number.


Rich people know how to manage their money, one more thing that makes most rich people stand out is their ability to manage money.

They know their budget they don’t overspend, if they use a credit card they do everything to avoid paying finance charges.

For people on the contrary often live in a world of credit-card bills most of them don’t keep track of their money or plan.

A budget they spend money and when it’s all gone they tend to use credit cards.


Rich people see opportunities, while poor people see obstacles another thing that can differentiate the rich from the poor is the way they think.

Rich people see opportunities for growth and success in everything, they do the reasoning, such as, it will be a success because I will make it a success they take responsibility for their actions and decisions and are ready to go to any lengths to achieve the desired results.

As for poor people they usually focus on the obstacles new beginnings may bring potential losses and the risks they’ll have to take.


Rich people concentrate on what they want to achieve, while poor people focus on what they want to avoid.

Rich people are fighters, they are willing to overcome obstacles to achieve their goals they realize that you can’t win without taking risks, but they don’t think about difficulties and losses they concentrate on their target and they get there.

For people on the contrary try to avoid risks by all means as they are afraid of losing their money that’s the reason why they might opt for such safe investments as savings accounts and deposits, but even if they don’t lose their money this way they also don’t make it work for them.


Rich people face problems while poor people try to ignore problems until it’s too late.

This doesn’t mean that wealthy people don’t have any fears connected with their business there’s probably no human being on earth who is completely fearless.

Rich people choose to face their fears to become a more successful and powerful individual at the same time poor people tend to avoid admitting that they have fears even to themselves they prefer their comfortable and familiar routine to facing something unknown and potentially risky as a result.

This prevents them from getting wealthy so in a nutshell it’s all about how you think that makes you rich or poor now do you think you have the mentality of a rich or poor person what could you do to become rich tell us in the comments below.


It is evident, the basic difference is approach and mindset, rich play in long term, whereas poor people play for now and today.



Difference between rich and poor

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difference between poor and rich

difference between rich and poor mentality

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