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These are the seven special tips for bald man style, it is not just bald man clothing style. We had this list sorted out while taking interview of Anelle Coetzee(Personal Stylist for men)  at Paris Fashion show.

So you are going to know everything about Bald Men Style here

bald man style

So here I am(Tessa Smith) sharing  about seven style details that look amazing on bald men.

Number 1: Glasses on a bald man

 Why does this work more than if you’ve got that head of hair? Anelle: Because there’s no distractions, Tessa. Having glasses with a bald head, a person has to focus on you. That is what you want.

You want people to look at you, to look you in the eyes and to be able to connect with them. These ones you’re wearing right here, these are – these are different. I mean, you don’t see too many guys rocking something like these.

The circular glasses look great because, again, it – and I usually wear bowtie. So, it reminds people of a professor. It gives you makes you smile. They’re already going to be looking at the bowtie, so now I have three things. The bald head.

bald man style

My bowtie, and a pair of glasses. So, very distinctive bald man dress style, definitely someone when you see and you meet you’re going to remember him. And there are so many options I think guys that wear glasses having three to four different types of glasses with different styles.

It’s a great accessory to your outfits. the different frames, they’ll actually make you look a little different. When people have frames that actually are very pointed draw attention, it does the science is clear it does make you look smarter

bald man style

Number 2: Sunglasses for bald man.

The most common style we’re going to see out there that every man should have – Aviators, they look amazing on a bald man, but maybe try Wayfarers maybe go for a pair of Club-masters.

The thing about shades in a bald man is that, again, like the glasses you’re going to focus in on that person’s face. But, with the shades, you’re definitely going to think this guy is probably a bad-ass.

When people see shades, they think mystery, they think Hollywood, they think celebrity. And so, yeah, who is this guy? He’s got, you know, he’s got the bald head looking like The Rock looking like Vin Diesel, he’s got those shades, but for the bald man, glasses are where it’s at, right?

bald man style

Number 3: Color choice for Bald Guy

Let’s talk about one color in particular that bald man can rock, and that is the color black. Absolutely because with the color black, it brings that mysteriousness. It brings a level of confidence and elegance.

I know what some of you guys are thinking, bald head black mixing aggression with aggression comes off as too aggressive. But, it depends on where you’re going and the statement you’re trying to make.

So, if you’re trying to really impress someone, black is the way to go and you’re going to look very appealing and sexy. But, what about in a situation where you want to tone it down? If you want to tone it down, I would recommend a gray. Kind of muted, makes a little more calmer, and still sexy and appealing.

bad man style

Number 4: Bald Guy Style with more skin

Now, this one I find really interesting and that is that bald men look better when they unbutton a few buttons on the front of their shirt. They show a bit of skin. For me, this is a repeat of the skin because you’ve got the bald head, you’re showing skin right there, and then we see skin again here.

Now, this goes to a scientific study that talk about when men show more skin that they look more attractive, but this is something that we went back and forth on. It’s kind of our opinion, let us know down in the comments if you agree or disagree that bald men can pull this off more.

But, when it comes down to it, I think bald men have to have strong confidence and this is one of the reasons why it works. It adds confidence, boost you up, and you begin to believe in yourself even more because there was no more distractions and having a little open shirt doesn’t hurt.

bald man style

Number 5: Bald Guy with Accessories

You can’t be go away without being noticed with all above changes, but when you get closer you really want to be noticed by the person who is interacting with you, put on a solid dark ring, a solid color adds up double impact when you use your hand gestures it adds extra masculinity and authority compare to others who got empty hands.


Number 6: Bald Man Beard Style

Style feature that bald men absolutely own, guys, is facial hair because let’s face it, when you stop growing hair on your head, you want to replace it somewhere, your face is the natural destination.

Lets say, you were 32, your hair stop growing on the top of your head started thinning out and you made the decision to shave and now make the decision to grow your facial hair, in start play around with it actually,do a little goatee, a little mustache, or even dive into full beard.

bald men style

Now, tons of options are out there. As your facial hair is growing, play around with it. You can get it trimmed or take some time to your point and just let it grow out and see engage exactly what’s going to look best on you.

Please note, this is also a great choice if you are dark skin and searching for bald black man bear styles

bald man style

Number 7: IS HEAD WEAR

About hats. If you are bald, you’ve got to functionally watch out for the sun because it’s going to burn your head. So, this is a functional tool that you could add to your wardrobe.

Tons of options out there. you are – you’re a hat man, couple of things that I love about it and this is for every guy. It depends upon your height. It’s going to make you look taller. It’s an added accessory.

It’s just going to give you another option when it comes to what you can put with your clothes, so you have an opportunity to grow your style just by adding the hat. And you stand out from the crowd. Absolutely you’re going to stand out.

bald man style

And, let’s talk about making impressions on people and people remember who you are, you’re the guy – worst case, you’re that guy with the hat, but at least you’re looked over not overlooked.

Nudie Cohn,” If you meet a guy or you see a guy with a hat, you’re going to be drawn to that person”. So, you’re going to look through the crowd and say, this guy must be pretty cool. He’s a little confident and he has some variation in the style.

Now, tons of hat options out there. We’re going to bring up few images here, but we’ve got the flat cap which I know you’re a big fan of. We’ve got the fedora, comes in a wide variety of options. This one requires a bit of confidence. Go out there explore and let us know down in the comments your favorite cap.

STYLE FOR BALD MAN: Extra Bonus For You.

We’ve got earrings, and I think earrings work for the man that’s bald because you don’t have any hair that’s going to hide them or get in the way. Your ears are more pronounced when you’ve got a shaven head.

It can be a small hoop, it can be a stud. I remember there was a guy that used to play basketball that wore earrings. What was his name? Michael Jordan. Clean cut, bald head, and he wore hoop.

Whether you like earrings whether you don’t, this again is something that a bald man can bring in. If you have a bald head, you have the opportunity to really bring in a lot of stylistic – a lot of stylistic details that a lot of men just can’t pull off the way you can.

bald man style

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