The Chakras

Are chakras real?

Here, we are going to discuss about chakras how they are real and how can we interact with them.

Chakras are framework, the are this conceptual framework that allows us to work with our psyche and the way that our psyche shows up and our physicality. Because, it’s all really one, there is no separation between mind and body, like the idea of a separation between mind and body is just an idea it doesn’t actually exist.


The entire universe is made of energy. The human body is a magnificent dynamo within this field. Countless healing systems have professed that health and wellness are created by the harmonious movement of internal energy.

These energies are named differently in various ancient culture, Chinses, Indigenous, a Hindu culture called Chi, Prana, or Life Force.

The ancient cultures discovered our human bodies have seven primary energy centers, the seven Chakras. The concept of the Chakra system dates far back into the spiritual traditions of eastern religions. Each Chakra can be thought of as a spherical vortex of energy acting as a channel for the energy of the universe to enter into the physical body and manifest as health, vitality, and balance.

The literal meaning of chakra is movement doing.

are chakras real


So the chakras are a framework it’s a methodology. It’s like a clear plastic that kind of lay over something to begin to work with things. Chakras are real as the other things that we conceive of like you know, in financial market, money in your bank account is not physical.

So, Money is Construct, through that construct we interact with economics and with life and with business. So, from that perspective yet the chakras are real because they’re a construct that we perceive that we can use to better understand ourselves.


The reason for the chakras Is a framework so that we can know ourselves and so we can begin to undo the conditioning of the mind.

To undo the patterns that have been installed in us all the way through our lifetime right from when we were born. In fact, there’s programming that isn’t stalled in us from past lives and also from our ancestral lines so there’s a little baby when we arrived here in this particular lifetime we come in with programming and we come in with patterns.

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what it means is that when you’re having a challenge in a particular area of your life if you understand the framework of the chakras it gives you a constructive way like a pathway to work with that challenge.

For Example, if you are struggling with love, physical and spiritual needs, this is responsibility of heart chakra, the 4th Chakra.


When your Chakras are clean and balanced you experience health and vitality. And when your Chakras are hyperactive or closed the result is disorder and disease.

By becoming in touch with your Chakras you can tap into your biological systems and guide your body as well as your mind into the full potential of your being. Represented as revolving orbs of colorful light these centers each correspond with different organs, glands, and physiological processes.

Each chakra reflects a unique aspect of consciousness that interfaces with correlated physiology creating a system for consciousness to inform the body. Let’s explore the seven chakras as well as the glands, organs, and concepts.


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