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Everything you want to know about Chakra bracelet is here in step by step manners.

Before we get into buying 7 chakra bracelet, first we need to understand the chakras and their relevancy with colors.

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There are 7 major chakras of the body. Now, the chakras are part of our body systems even though you may not be able to see them or know that they’re there.

Just like our blood pumping through our bodies, they’re active all the time, energetically, in moving the energy in and around our bodies, through our plexuses, our nerve plexuses, and our endocrine systems.


We’re going to start with the Root Chakra. It means “the root of all things”. The root foundation and it’s basically at the bottom of the tailbone, And it is our connection to the Earth.

It is very important in our feeling safe in the world. If your Root Chakra happens to be out of balance, or not functioning properly, Where the energy is blocked or not moving freely, you may find yourself feeling disconnected

Feeling disconnected from the Earth, feeling flighty.

So, the Root Chakra, being red, Also has some oils that can help to balance it. Besides your breathing, meditation, yoga poses,

Any red stones like rubies, garnets… They’re great for helping you balance your Root Chakra. Foods can help us balance the chakras. Anything that’s red. Raspberries… Anything that really helps to bring the red into your body Also helps with that frequency, that vibration of red in the Root Chakra.


It’s responsible for the water movement in your body; The energy coming inward to your body. So the second chakra is really about the reproductive energy, anything to do with the fluids in your body, Both psychologically, spiritually, and physically.

So, how do you know if your second chakra is out of balance?

Anything having to do with fertility, lower back pains, stiff back.  Stones in lovely golden orange color. These stones are very powerful for helping to balance your second chakra. You can wear them, you can mediate with them… You’ll be helping to balance your chakras just by holding these beautiful stones.

3 Eating orange fruits… Oranges, tangerines… Anything orange. Sweet potatoes. Those are kinds of foods that can help balance the second chakra.

7 chakra bracelet


means “city of gems”. It has to do with digestion, it has to do with your personal power, your laughter, your anger… It’s in the seat of the liver, according to Chinese medicine. It’s responsible for your personality.

So, how do you know if your third chakra’s out of balance? Diabetes, hypoglycemia, anything to do with the digestive area.

A lot of stored emotions: Sadness, pain, real dramatic things can be lodged in the solar plexus. Stones like Sulfur, It’s bright yellow. Those things can help balance the third chakra.

Food like yellow carrots…anything starchy, easily digestible. A lot of starches are really good for the third chakra. So if you feel drained of your personal power, Use those yellow foods to help bring that sunshine back into your life.


The heart is the fourth chakra. It’s located in front of the spine, right in the area of the heart.

It’s responsible for love, compassion trust. When we’ve had our hearts broken, We can really feel what the heart is responsible for. It’s responsible for being open to receive and to give love.

Most healers, believe it or not, have a hard time receiving love. If this is you, maybe you need to balance your Heart Chakra With allowing love to flow through you, to you.

How do you know if your Heart Chakra’s out of balance?

Well, if you’ve suffered a significant loss that’s broken your heart. So heartbreak is a very real thing. And when your heart becomes shut down or hardened, It’s difficult to open up and trust love again.

Gorgeous color of green. It reminds you of being in the forest, Where you can take a deep breath And feel very connected through your heart to all of life.

Have some green food. Kale, broccoli, zucchini, Green grapes, green apple, avocado… Anything with chlorophyll, that connects you to the plant kingdom.

This is the residence of the Earth plane that’s connected to the heart. So when you’re eating vegetables, green stuff, Think how good it is for your blood, for your heart. It’s all to help balance that beautiful, Open green Heart Chakra.


It’s  the expression chakra, the communication chakra. This chakra’s located at the base of the throat, And it’s responsible for communication, For you expressing the highest truth of who you are.

How do you know if your Throat Chakra is out of balance?

Throat problems; lower sinus problems; Upper respiratory problems… Anything having to do with the throat area. Communication shutting down. We want to get that fifth chakra energy moving so that we can express And communicate who we are to the world.

There’s a gorgeous blue stone. The blue color help resonate to the Throat Chakra, And they definitely help you to see clearly So that you can speak clearly.

Foods that you can  eat For the fifth chakra

Blue-green algae and blue berries. They have got so many antioxidants. It really helps to nourish the thyroid because of all the minerals in it.


Your inward focus, It’s really important for intuition and self-awareness. It’s really important For visualization, for creative dreaming. It’s a great place to create your dreams and put them out on a screen in your mind.

How do you know if you’re experiencing any blockages in your Third Eye Chakra?

you could experience blindness, nightmares, Headaches, any kind of eye strain or blurred vision.

Most importantly, when your third Eye Chakra is blocked, it’s hard to visualize.

So it’s really imperative to keep your third eye nice and clear so that you can integrate all those things your dreams, your feelings, your hopes, your love Into a singular point.

Anything with an indigo, blue tone to it, You can put it on your third eye. It helps bring in higher energies and angelic ones to help you balance your third eye.

Food that can be useful for third eye chakra

Eggplant, Purple grapes and Purple potatoes.


It’s where we receive our divine knowledge, Our inspiration.

This is the chakra where our spiritual understanding, our union with ourself all happens here.

In Simple words, we experience the energy coming through the crown into all the other chakras.

Some of the things you might experience If you’re having a block in the Crown Chakra are learning disabilities, depression, apathy, boredom… Not feeling connected to your purpose, your wisdom.

Stones to help balance your Crown Chakra, look for Violet color stones or clear quartz. They act as a doorway for your Crown Chakra. Also, diamonds themselves.

So, what food for this, surprisingly you have to empty your body in other words, do fasting. In ancient time fasting was the practice for successful crown opening. In modern days, Muslims fast for 30 days in a row in the month of Ramadan where they avoid drinking and eating from dawn till dusk.

View 7 Chakra Bracelet

7 chakra bracelet

View 7 Chakra Bracelet

A cleansing of the body, So that the mind is open to receiving more information, more light.

A chakra bracelet has seven stones and they represent the seven energy centers in your bodies.

So, we have your seven stones combined together in a bracelet with black lava seeds so that you can attract all energies with you.

A cool thing about this bracelet that you can actually put essential oils directly on lava spills and it will hold them so this is kind of diffuser bracelet. You can take your favorite scents from the essential oils

Just remember

1. The Root Chakra: I have.

2. The Sacral Chakra: I feel.

3. The third Chakra: I can.

4. The fourth chakra: I love.

5. The fifth chakra: I speak.

6. The sixth chakra: I see.

7. The seventh chakra: I know.

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